· in the dark about his truth and

·      The chorus, Oedipus, and theaudience are all on the same page throughout the story because there is nosense of dramatic irony. ·      Although the chorus is a group ofpeople, it speaks as if it were a single person·      The chorus reflects the sensitiveemotions that Oedipus is concealing from his people·      Oedipus demonstrates the confidenceand pride he has for himself, which the chorus encourages·      Irony – Chorus: “you demand of me athing unknown” pg.

8·      The chorus foreshadows Oedipus’ fateunknowingly·      It prays the to the gods, especiallyto Apollo, to exterminate the poisonous source responsible for infecting thenation with the plague – focus on the divine – a reminder of their value·      Irony – Oedipus: “I speak as one whois stranger to the story” pg.9·      the ironic concept of Oedipus viewinghimself and the rest of the population viewing him as omnipotent/all-knowingwhile Oedipus is rather completely in the dark about his truth and the factthat he is Lais’ murderer·      Oedipus speaks about the importanceof how family honour is highly valued in his household, while his family andthe palace as a whole is filled with chaos·      Oedipus: “I have his bed and hiswife – she would have borne his children, if his hopes to have a son had notbeen disappointed. / Children from a common mother might have linked Laius andmyself” pg.11·      The Chorus leaders are encouragingOedipus to avoid confronting his anger and personal frustration towards thesubject with Teiresias and instead to calmly follow Apollo’s instructions·      The Chorus is completely in thefavour of Oedipus, investing all faith in him – expecting the best from him –impressed by him·      The also act in his best interests–try to prevent him as well as they can from making regretful mistakes·      in the middle of the play, thechorus begins to agree less and less with Oedipus’ actions and decisions – theybegin to doubt his initial beliefs due to Teiresias’ strong claim and start tosuspect him as Laius’ murderer·