1.1 1.2.1 Storage of objects Amazon puts at


If we did
not need any of the above and would only like a place to run our code, we could
choose a serverless architecture using AWS Lambda and Cloud Functions.

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Functions is not yet available in general, it is in its beta version. Lambda is
much more advanced; it takes you a while ahead and, in addition to Node.js,
allows you to use Java and Python.


fundamental pillar of cloud services is storage. In the cloud we have the same
facility to store a few Gigas that a few Petabytes.

There are
different storage solutions depending on what we want to store and the
availability, durability and performance we want for that information.

of objects

Amazon puts
at our disposal Simple Storage Service (S3). For its part Google has Cloud
Storage Standard. In this category Google offers significantly lower prices. EBS
on Amazon and Persistent Disk on Google are offered for block storage.

and backup

When we
want to store data that we will not access frequently and we want to do it at a
low cost supporting lower access speeds, we have the services of Google Cloud
Storage Nearline, Amazon Glacier and Amazon Elastic File System (EFS). In this
segment, it is Amazon who has the best prices.

and export data

providers have services to import and export data between on premise storage
devices and their cloud storage, Amazon Storage Gateway and Cloud Storage
Transfer Service. We can also use services such as Amazon Import Export and
Offline Media Import Export, in which they collect customer data on hardware
and take it to their data centers or vice versa.

service is very useful if for some reason you had to use magnetic discs or
tapes as a support, or if it was necessary to import export an enormous amount
of data whose transfer by network would take a long time.

In the case
of the Google service, it is provided by third parties that will be responsible
for transporting the data and transferring them to storage in GCP.