1. Babbage made him as iron man in

1. Charles Babbage was born in 1791, the son of wealthy London banker, he spent his childhood in Totens, Devon, a country town in the west of England. He experienced indifferent schooling but succeeded in teaching himself mathematics to a considerable level. Charles Babbage became interested in the problem of table making and the elimination of errors in tables. During his visit to Paris he learned the great French table-making project organized by Baron Gaspard de Prony. Babbage’s future course of his life was determined from this project.Babbage machines were essentially the first computers in the history and he decided that rather than emulate de Prony’s labor-intensive and expensive manual table-making organization, he would ride the wave of the emerging mass-production technology and invent a machine for making tables and invented machine called Difference Engine. The Difference Engine was very simple, it consisted of a set of adding mechanisms to do the calculations and a printing part.Difference Engine that was too small for real table making and lacked a printing unit, but showed beyond any question the feasibility of his concept. Unfortunately, at that time, Babbage had an idea of such stunning originality that he just could not keep quiet about it is a new kind of engine that would do all the Difference Engine could do but much more it would be capable of performing any calculation that a human could specify for it, he named this machine as the Analytical Engine.He succeeded in turning himself into the most knowledgeable mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer of his days. His varied work in other fields has led him to be described as “pre-eminent” among the many polymaths of his century. Babbage was impressed by the work and recommended that Scheutz win a medal from the Royal Society. No version of an analytical engine was ever completed. Despite the failure to realize his ultimate dream, Babbage’s plans alone distinguish himself as a man ahead of the times. He was almost too ahead of his times, as his plans didn’t spark any more development in the field, but the innovations are nonetheless remarkable, and stand as an inspiration to computer visionaries today. Thus, these inventions of Babbage made him as iron man in the history of information technology.