1. emotional purge that comes with it is

1. The videos and articles are related because they talk and
show that humanities is life and asks the question why not how. It compares art
and the way of people’s lives. The videos show how art plays a big role in
humanity and how it affects society. The article talks about a man who did not
appreciate things in his life and once he was on his deathbed he then had
noticed all the opportunities he had missed.


2. According to the “Aesthetics: What Is It Good For?”
video, the functions of art can be considered by how we see life, we use it as
an escape from life, a distraction and how we interact with the world. Art can
be seen in many ways, 2 distinctive ways that we see it according to Collingwood
is amusement art and magic art. Amusement art can be described as escaping from
reality and magical art helps audience how better to interact with the worlds reality.
According to Aristotle, catharsis is sensations we crave and when we eventually
release that we feel pleasurable. We express these emotions safely by
experience and the emotional purge that comes with it is a satisfying feeling.


3. Autonomists views are rational by holding moral judgments
while Aesthetics views are radical by reasoning towards solving the problem,
straight forward. Aesthetic moralists argue that morality and art are interconnected.
Autonomists think that art and morality are entirely diverse.


4. The way art adds value to our life is because it lets us
have our freedom, it gives us our creativity, our ways of how we see life and
perspective on things, gives us our emotional feelings. Art gives us
challenges. Creativity has impacted us in ways that makes one unique and who we
are. It defines everyone and has built society today. The way we all see art is
not the same, some people might have similar thoughts on an object or a problem
with multiple questions and answers which is us using our creativity. It helps
us use our knowledge for problem solving. Creativity is what leads us into having
good or bad moods, impacts our emotions, and it helps one want to learn and see