1. kind of people online helps them to

1.    Various
effects of Internet Addiction Disorder

Suffering from Internet
addiction greatly affect the person’s personal life, their relationships with
other people, their professional relationship and every other aspect of their
life. Trusting issues also occur because children usually hide the amount of
time they spend online from their elders. It also affects their behaviour
because people normally change their way of acting in front of other people.
There are some other problems like ignorance of work and other important things
in life due to continued usage of internet in terms of dating sites, online
shopping sites and online gaming. These people develop new relations with the
people they meet online just to fill that emptiness they have inside because individuals
usually thinks that connecting with different kind of people online helps them
to feel better in their life. They have become socially isolated because they
spend most of their time online that leads to disconnected from the outside
world. More usage of internet leads to one more problem that is hacking.
Today’s there are so many professional hackers who enter into someone’s privacy
without their knowledge and disturb their personal life. Some people feel good
about this thing that entering into someone else’s life and make it more
disturbing. They feel it more easy to get pleasure in their life as compared to
physically contacting the people in the outside world.

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2.    How
this problem solved and treated

Diagnosis of internet addiction disorder
is necessary because it widely affect the lives of the people. But, there is no
specific diagnosis of this disorder has been discovered yet. It can be done on
the behalf of people’s behaviour that how much they depend on the internet in
their life. There are various categories in this scenario like there are people
who affected greatly they spend most of their time on internet to feel better
for their personal life. Normally, in this case people come, who don’t have any
relationship in their life, so to avoid that feeling of emptiness, they go for
internet. Special attention should be given to these kind of people because
there is the chance that they also want to connect with somebody but due to
their shyness and introvert nature and they fail every time. Various addiction
test and questionnaire should be used to diagnose their status so that their
actual condition can be monitored. The foremost step in treating this problem
is the knowledge of its presence that it exists in their life and effect it in
a very bad manner. Affected individuals should understand their condition first
so that they get some treatment. But, some people think that self corrective
mental setup help the affected people in a more successful way. Some other
efforts also help to get rid of this situation like blocking of various sites
online by using different softwares that help to monitor which site need to be
visited or which is not. Other options like treatment with the help of
medicines because it is the possibility that these affected people may also
suffer from stress and tension underlying. Some of the more common treatments
like joining rehab, group therapy and learn to modify behaviour. Learning of
recreational activities also help to change their stubborn attitude towards