1) me to know the issues of ecommerce.

1)  What I have gained in my learning issues?


I’ve gained much more knowledge than I have in lecture while doing
this problem based issue. It makes me understand the more intact of setting up
an ecommerce website and the important things for an ecommerce website. Before
touching on this problem based issues, I’ve gain a slight knowledge through
e-business lecture, however with all this issue I’m able to go in depth to the
research. Before this problem issued to us, I never know how an ecommerce
website is being set up. The back-end user must do so much then just merely setting
up the website. We have to come up with the business model to know how it
operate and manage, as well as knowing the components to it. However, this module
allowed me to know the issues of ecommerce. With the different aspect of
factors that built up a ecommerce website, it makes me understand more of the
product and consumer. The personal benefits that I have gained is that it improves
my communication skills in class and being able to analyse the problem given to
me with the help of lecturer’s guidance and to keep up with our research every
week to know where we are at, and any difficulties that we are facing. Not only
that, lecturer also help us by giving tips on researching on issues on how to
understand them more.


Based on the 3-learning issue I learnt, first issues were to find
out what are the different e-business model market. Well with 3 types of
business model, B2C, B2B, AND C2B. B2B are usually the one that focus on
selling product directly to consumer. It’s similar to website like Taobao,
where consumer buy things online and then order was processed and shipped. Not
only consumer can do that, business organisation can go through the order
processing through the website. They can track their item process to know where
the item is. While, for this kind of businesses, obviously we would be using
e-payment which is the ‘no-card-present’ payment. E.g. E-Payment. This is where
customer key in their card details in the system, and it will automatically
deduct from their card. This kind of e-payment helps business cashflow to
improve significantly. But with this kind of payment, consumer have to take
higher risk as they might have hackers around to hack the system. Therefore,
all this requires us to operate on a well-defined set of rules. Secondly, for
B2B, i learnt that it is often between a manufacturer and a wholesaler.
Example, the manufacturer can sell the product to the consumer directly as a
platform. As for the wholesaler, they can sell the product in quantities to a
‘middle person’ and sell it to another consumer. Which means the middle person
is considered a supplier. Often, B2B is like a trade online. Where buyers can
bid against each other on online. Therefore, for bidding its split into two
parts. One type is the one where lots of goods are sold to the highest bidder
and another type is supplies compete on price and for the lowest price they
will get to win the bid. Which is the online auction. Not only that, for large
quantities of product, its usually offered discount for consumer, where they
called it a e-marketplaces.  All this helps to encourage the business
online and position the trade guides. Lastly for C2B, it that business can
extract value from consumer. Example, it’s like a market research and feedback
from consumer. Where business can earn profit from consumer, where they can
name their own or they can contribute the data in the company. But for
consumer, their profit is earned based on flexibility and direct payment.


Second learning issues was what is ecommerce infrastructure. An
ecommerce infrastructure is functions consisting of hardware and software.
Which correspond to the level requirement. Other than the hardware and
software, it also describes the management and operation of the system. For the
operation management, where they call it the retail services framework. Where
it incorporates the best practices of an retail service. This kind of
framework, help to lower the barrier of entry and encourage large adoption of
retail services by retailers. It comes with 4 services and 2 interfaces.
Different types of services help to fulfil different needs of retailers. This
technology capabilities of service provide retailer with effective e-commerce
presence which can be used to complement their existing stores, and to
strengthen their business strategies to manage the future challenges from
online store. While interfaces are between the retailer and ecommerce service
provider and also the logistic service provider. This system will automatically
populate the relevant data among the retailer, ecommerce and logistics to aim
the increasing of workflow to be efficient and accurately. Hardware and
software components are important in order to create a good and reliable
website for consumer to shop. It helps consumer to make it feel trustworthy to
our system. E.g., web hosting is usually a developer that pay a hosting company
to provide a secure web server. Not only that, successful ecommerce companies
definitely have a recognise domain name. So that no one are able to steal your
business models. While database system is used to store information of the
product/services such is image description and pricing. Not only that, customer
is able to store their details in the database such as their payment and
shipping details. For this, it is necessary for website to be connected
securely so that database orders would be processed correctly, and this will
ensure that business will be able to run smoothly.


lastly, for my learning issues I learnt that customer feedback is
important. Because to keep a valuable consumer, we have to keep up with our
product. Not only that, we are able to know whether consumer is satisfied with
our products or services. These opinions are usually a resource for us to improve
on our customer experience as well as to know their needs. It can help us
determine our product whether it surpass the customer expectations. It offers
amazing experience to keep our customer coming back also referring their
friends to us. But with dissatisfied customer feedback, they will go to another
competitive store instead of ours. So, with such feedbacks, it ensures us to
have better experience. Tangible data helps us further real insight on how our
customer really feel about our product/services. This is a guide to our
business, as it contains large percentage of customer suggesting featured
product. So, with this feedback it also helps us to keep up with the latest
trend in the market. Well, businesses don’t wish consumer to be keeping up with
the old technologies where products don’t come in handy. With this customer
feedback, we can know the latest market trend, so these help to improve our
product and to keep up with the desired things from customer. With this popular
trend, business can keep up with the market. Subsequently, customer would
ignore the tempting offers and remain royal to us. Above mentioned, I’m able to
answer the research being given.


From the three research that was issued to me, it helps to answer
my question relatively well. Just that, during research I lack of some key
points. So therefore, I went to do up a further research on it based on the
same learning issues. Well doing on this research learning, I shared with my members
about my finding. We discussed the learning issues, and found out that its
quite similar. So, we communicated on the issues and come up with something different
on the research. So, with my teammates comment and feedback, I try to produce
more research on my learning issues, as my research is lesser than my


now that I’ve understand how to set up an ecommerce website, it helps me to
know more about consumer needs and wants. Consumer would be the priorities,
that helps to build up the successful website together. We can enhance the
ecommerce website by having reasonable pricing for consumer and free shipping
will be included on launching. One point is that, we can know what consumers wants.
And another point is to provide free shipping fees first, so when product is
delivered to consumer they would feel safe about it. Not only that, we can come
up with a mobile app. As now, it’s a technologies world where phones act as a
computer. Mobile app user has significantly increase over the years due to technologies
changes. So, coming up with a mobile app would be a great help to our business.
It will be convenience for consumer to shop online using app anywhere they want,
and made payment through e-banking too. With this mobile app, they could
connect with the social media. So, it is easier to come up with reviews of our
product and also social login can help with conversion funnel. Not only that, social
login is easier for us to collect customer information. It’s important, because
if we were to have discount it is easier to contact consumer about it. Additional
to that, we can build up our databases and to aid the future launches of our
ecommerce website. Lastly, the most important thing is to have our ecommerce
website to keep up with the latest. As technology changes, we could do an
upgrade on our website. Because consumers taste will keep changing. As consumer
taste change, trend would follow the consumer taste. Therefore, it’s never easy
to satisfy customer needs. So, we need to keep up with the latest trend to be
able to keep up with consumer needs.


all these learning issue finding, I’m able to cross-reference with my
e-business management lecture 1 and 2. As for lecture 1 and 2, it taught us the
types of ecommerce models as well as the basic infrastructure that needs to
build up for ecommerce website. Which is related to my learning issue 1 &
2.  The learning issues was enhanced by
the effectiveness of lecturer teaching style and as well as the materials
provided in class.  





Peer Evaluation


during peer teaching I’ve gained that working with teammates requires more than
just discussing verbally. We need to act, example helping each other when there’s
doubt in research. My teammates, help me to improve my communication skills significantly.
Not only that, but also help me to boost up my self-confidence in group
discussion. Although, it’s normal to have some conflict in group discussion as
everyone have different views and opinion, but we manage to come up with a combined
solution from everyone views and solved the conflict. Another lesson that I’ve
gained through peer teaching is that, we are to come as a team to solve
different difficulties as different people strength and weakness is different. Separating
our task as a group, help us to be more efficient and effective in our work and
this will help greatly in my future career. So therefore, with my teammate I’m
sure they able to help me understand e-business management more. Not just
through research, but the interpersonal skill achieves by them. So, to sum up,
group discussion affects largely in your communication skills and confidence
level. Which is equals to the interpersonal skills.


conclusion, this self-reflection helps to pulls my knowledge further as stated I
never come across creating an ecommerce website. With this, I’m able to know who
are the specific target and components to set up an online business. This help to
increase in the areas that I’m lacking in. It also been a great help to improve
my thinking abilities as well as developing my mindset in positive terms. With
this e-business management, I’m able to communicate through different
communication channel, just like setting up an ecommerce website.