1) of tasks whose goal is to review

The purpose of equipment maintenance is
make sure all equipment are fully working and operating 100 perfect effectively
at all the time. Cleaning, lubricating and making minor adjustment which can be
detect the problem and correct it before they become major problem. (Steve,

can saves a lot of money, especially all those construction equipment,
industrial equipment , kitchen equipment, sport equipment are very costly to
fix. If an equipment didn’t manage maintain properly  it will become less effective to use and will
cause major problem for example injuries. (Steve, N.D) For example, if a sport
equipment like track mill if didn’t maintain, if a person use it , it might not
working properly and also will cause the person who use it cause injuries.



a.       First
type of maintenance is corrective maintenance, this task is to correct the
defect equipment or item that are communicated to the maintenance department.
Next is Preventive Maintenance, this maintenance is to prevent any equipment
that are still fully working effectively and prevent it broke or get defected
faster that usual. (Santiago, 2009)


Predictive Maintenance, it pursue
constantly know and report the statue and operational of the item. It is
necessary to identify physical variable which is indicative problem. For
example temperature, vibration and etc. Overhaul maintenance, the set of tasks
whose goal is to review the equipment at scheduled  intercals before apprearing any failure,
either the equipment. (Santiago,


difference between corrective maintenance and Preventive maintenance is
preventative can not just save you time and money, but its also increase the
equipment drastically. This process might be difficult and time consuming but
out there are many tools and solution that can help in preventive maintenance.


3)      Normal Wear and tear is the expected decline in
the condition of an item or equipment due to everyday use. It might
deterioration occurs in the living. For example of Normal wear and tear is a
couple of small stain, scratches, color fading because of long term expose
under the sun and etc.


For Damage is not naturally occurring, it is harm
done that affects the values or normal function of an item or equipment. For
example of damages is broken handle of an equipment, Not function at all,
Soccer ball punctured and deflated and etc.