Roderick Garcia is an experienced dentist who holds a doctor
of dental medicine (DMD) from the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in
Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to providing general family dental care and
performing cosmetic procedures, Roderick Garcia, DMD, treats gum disease
through a range of modalities including periodontal scaling.


A form of deep gum cleaning, periodontal scaling treats gum
disease at its source by removing plaque, tartar, and bacterial toxins both
above and below the gum line. In order to ensure that all disease-causing
agents are eliminated, dentists generally clean down to the very bottom of the
oral pocket of each tooth.


The scaling process may take more than one appointment to
complete and is typically performed after the dentist administers a local
anesthetic. Without this anesthetic, the patient will experience a significant
amount of discomfort as the gums are separated from the teeth to facilitate
thorough cleaning. After the procedure, dentists will schedule a follow-up
visit to watch over the healing process.