even if neo-classical realism does not give a broad explanation about morality,
it mainly agrees with classical realism theory and thus neo-classical realists
are not hostile to morality. In fact, they state that it would be unrealistic
not to take morality into account, not so much because individuals are moral,
but because they must appear to be on the international stage. Moreover, they
also agree with Morgenthau on the fact that, international relations are a
struggle for moral leadership. In other words, as explained before, states
would have to make the less evil decision as possible when confronted to a
dilemma or a conflict. Furthermore, neo-classical realists state that material
forces shape both morality and interests. Ideas tend to change when materials
conditions do (Wohlforth, 2002).

Finally, they claim that norms, as ideational resources, contribute to greater
uncertainty in the anarchical international system. Because of this, neo-classical
realism accepts the consequential action of states and the function of morality
as a separate factor supervening on interests. 

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