Technology has played a diverse
role in the application of science in different spheres of life and it also
plays an important role in food processing whereby it helps in targeting the
microorganisms in the bio-processed foods thereby improving the quality and
safety regarding the consumption of such products. Agriculture is one of the
largest employment sectors in the world, especially in developing countries
like India. But still there are many who live below poverty line and several
hundred die due to malnutrition. The main reason for food crisis is the
increase in population. Since we cannot increase land under agriculture as it
is saturated, so the only solution possible is to head towards scientific
method to boost the productivity. And this introduction of several new
scientific methods would increase food production several folds. I, Nidhee
Morabia, understanding the importance of Food Science & Nutrition would
like to elucidate my plan to study at your reputed institute so as to fulfill
my ambition of making a substantial contribution in the field of Food Science
& Nutrition.