13. recommendations 11 Mar to 10 April 2018

13. TIMETABLE  Sl. #. Major Events Date   Course Work for 1st and 2nd Semester (6 Jan to 19 Nov 2017) 1.

        Semester Class for 1st semester 6 Jan to 28 April 2017 2.        1st Semester final examination 5 May and 19 May 2017 3.        Semester Class for 2nd semester 7 July to 10 Nov 2017 4.        2nd semester final examination 17 Nov 2017 5.

        Oral examination 19 Nov 2017   Preparation for the 1st Seminar (20 Nov 2017 to 9 Jan 2018) 6.        Develop the Research Proposal 20 Nov to 15 Dec 2017 7.        Review the Research Proposal by Supervisor and incorporate Supervisor’s recommendations 15 Dec to 25 Dec 2017 8.        Submit 10 copies of Research Proposal along with a short biography to CHSR office in 2 week prior 26 Dec 2017 9.        Presentation for the 1st Seminar 10 Jan 2018   Preparation for the 2nd Seminar (11 Jan to 16 Dec 2018) 10.    Incorporate correction/direction provided by the faculty members and Supervisor from the seminar 11 Jan to 10 Feb 2018 11.    Preparation of questionnaires 11 Feb to 10 Mar 2018 12.

    Review the questionnaires by the Supervisor and incorporate Supervisor’s recommendations 11 Mar to 10 April 2018 13.    Data collection from relevant stakeholders 11 April to 10 June 2018 14.    Data put  in computer by using SPSS 11 June to 10 Aug 2018 15.    Data analysis and interpretation 11 Aug to 10 Sep 2018 16.    Develop the Research Advancement Paper by incorporating the analyzed  data    11 Sep to 10 Oct 2018 17.    Submit Research Advancement Paper along with a short biography to CHSR office in 2 week prior 1 Dec 2018 18.    Submit a related published Journal to CHSR 1 Dec 2018 19.    Presentation for the 2nd Seminar 17 Dec 2018   Preparation for pre-submission Seminar (18 Dec 2018 to 11 Nov 2019) 20.

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    Incorporate correction/direction provided by the faculty members and supervisor from the seminar 19 Dec 2018 to 10 Jan 2019 21.    Writing the Final Thesis 11 Jan to 11 Oct 2019 22.    Submit the Final Thesis along with a short biography to CHSR office in 1 month prior 12 Oct 2019 23.    Submit a related published Journal to CHSR 12 Oct 2019 24.

    Presentation for the Pre-submission seminar 12 Nov 2019 25.    Correction and modification 13 Nov to 11 Dec 2019 26.    Final Thesis submission to CHSR at BUP 12 Dec  2019 27.    Submit a related published Journal to CHSR 12 Dec  2019 28.    Defense of thesis 12 Jan 2020     14.

CONCLUDING REMARKS  Potatois a popular food crop in Bangladesh and population intake it in whole year.Since potato is a staple food of 40 country so high demand in internationalmarket. The study analyzed the potato production trend and local consumption inthe country and find out the existing exporting position. After meeting thelocal consumption, potato surplus 3.4 million tons in the country and exportingstatus is 70000 tons in 2016 tons which is very low than expectation. Differentbarriers are exist for exporting the potato as a result exporting company couldnot reach up to the mark for export the potato.

The flakes  and starch export based manufacturingcompanies do not get enough high dry matter rich  potato variety like lady Rosetta from countryfor making the products so they could not also reach  export the products up to the mark. Bangladeshfarmers mostly produce the low dry matter rich potato like Cardinal and Diamondfrom log year ago but changing their habit. Another issue, the export company have no enough capacityto communicate international byers, get payment timely, not enough assess thebyers demand, and not able to maintain the potato shipment properly. The China,India and Pakistan our international competitors and we could not competeproperly with them in terms right variety, transport, shipping in time, highproduction cost due to low mechanization and proper communication etc. Thegovernment providing 20% cash incentive to export companies so this is good scopeto export the potato. By this time we exported potato in 38 countries from2008-09 to date but could not continuation the export every year of thosecountries. The Bangladesh need to meet the demand of potato importing countriesand search new country for exporting the potato with the support of government,imported country appointed Bangladesh ambassador, private sector, local trader,development organization and farmers.

 Bangladeshhas good prospect to export the potato and fertile soil, favorable ecology andexperience farmers for production. The concluding remarks are listed below-   ·        Ensure availablethe high yielding and international market demand potato variety seed. ·        Develop plan for overcoming the identifiedbarriers and proper use of facilities for the export the potato.

·        Flexible existing policy so that internationalmarket demand potato variety easily bring to the country by the export company fromabroad and provide training to farmers for it production. ·        Easy shipping arrangement so that exportcompanies can easily export the potato in international market·        Government provide support to increasecapacity for exporting company in terms of market identify, easy shippingarrangement and low interest finance etc.·        Continue the cash incentive for exportcompanies for export the potato·        Agricultural credit facilities are ensure forthe farmers 15. REFERENCES Arif,A. (1998). An Economic study of potato production in selected areas of Comilla Districts. M.S.

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P. 7