of the main misconceptions are on international negotiations is that most
people tend to underestimate and overestimate at the same time international
negotiations. To talk about underestimate. I should know what type of people i
need to negotiate. For example; if I want to negotiate with Chinese people
first i should know where is he from, Beijing or Shanghai the one that came
from the country side of moved to city or the one who was born and raised in a
city; a young one or an older one; the one who left to study abroad and came
back or one who always lived here. All will have different cultures beyond just
being Chinese and that’s the underestimation. People tend to only look at
national culture when they go into international negotiations and they try to
look into that but they don’t look that there is also an educational culture, a
raise culture,  a gender culture, a
religious culture, and all of these also impact the way people behave. We
underestimate the role of culture because we’re only looking at the national
one. As negotiators we need to try to understand all of the others; because
they’re going to help us understand how the person thinks and communicates.
Therefore I will be able to negotiate and persuade that person better. Eastern
and western people are act differently. In west might be more direct in Asia
you can skirt around the subject for 20 minutes before you get on to the key
item. In here we might flipped on to the overestimation side. When people deal
with someone who is different what they will probably do many times is blame
everything that goes wrong or difficult on national culture. The raise the
gender the ethnicity the religion, age… all of those will impact and then the
negotiator should be looking to the whole spectrum. For example, if we go into
Middle East you would expect people to spend fair about a time talking about
themselves and try to understand one another, building more of a stronger
relationship before they go into the substance of the deal itself. Maybe in US
or Scandinavia people are going to jump further straight to the business just
having a small introduction maybe talk about the weather and go straight into
it. Rituals are different. I have lack of communication skills because I am an
angry person. I cannot listen people if I am angry and I would like to improve
myself in this skill. Perhaps I would talk with psychologist to come over with
this problem.