Whatis the size of the

Whatis the size of the market? What are the total sales figures for the relevant productcategory over the past three years, and projected sales: By volume (i.e. units) By value (i.

e. $) Whatare the major factors influencing any changes in product sales? What is drivingthese sales trends in this market? Providea breakdown of the above historical and forecasted sales figures for each ofthe major end-user segments (best estimates will suffice if statistical data isnot available). Isthe proportion of sales to each of these segments changing? If so, what are thelikely reasons for these changes? Whatis the size of the import market? Provide import statistics for the past threeyears, and projected imports: By volume (i.e. units) By value (i.e. $) Isthe import market growing/declining/static as a proportion of the total market?Why? 11.1.6 Stage of theProduct Life Cycle Forthis product group, will the effectiveness of marketing variables differ by stagesof the product life cycle? Whatis the stage of the product life cycle? What are your reasons for your assessment?Are there apparent changes over time in the types of products demanded? Howlong has the technology/product been established? Whatis the extent and duration of acceptance by end-users? Whatis the state of the buyer’s knowledge of the product category? 11.1.7 Cost Structureof the Industry Whatare the cost factors in production, marketing and distribution in terms of thecost of? Raw materials or components Tariffs and other barriers Land or factory space Labor Electrical power Insurance Meeting local quality standards and regulations Packaging Transport Warehousing Howdo these costs compare to those of foreign suppliers, particularly local suppliers?Are local manufacturers/suppliers at a cost advantage or disadvantage? Whatare the average margins and price levels through the distribution channels (i.e.from manufacturer, wholesaler, retailers, etc.)? 11.1.3 CompetitorAnalysis