Yaneli Gomez Period 11/3/18America’s Rock Evolution Music has the power to bring many people together, but also to separate them. Rock in particular is seen throughout history uniting people of different race, beliefs, and ideas. However, due to its controversial views, many narrow minded people have developed hate towards it. Rock has dramatically influenced America since the 1950’s, because of its extreme controversial views  it has created. In the beginning of the 1950’s, the average American family had high privileges. More and more families contained items that once could only be afforded by the rich like, automobiles and electronics. The average American man had constant growing wages, and a typical family’s income grew from five thousands to seven thousands. Before Rock n Rock or any “rebellious” music, American families in the 1940’s to 1950’s listened to pop. Bing Crosby, Dons Pay, and Frank Sinatra pop music ruled ninety percent of the record sale. Pop music was divided in three sections, melodramatic, sentimental, and frivolous, and none contained fowl language, unacceptable behaviors, or forbidden love. All in all, pop music dominated over other music genres and the average American family were successful. Although America was doing swell in the 1940’s, the Cold War suddenly created tension.. The Cold War was “fought” between Russia and the United States, from 1947 to 1991. This war was ignited because after World War 2, Russia and the United States had the greatest military and economic superpowers. However, each country had different opinions about how to run their government. The United States believed in Democracy and Capitalism, while the Soviet Union believed in Communism. While there was no fire Senator Joseph McCarthy formed the “Red Menace.” This organization was against artist and celebrities accused of having empathy for Russians, causing many to lose their jobs. Country music played an important role in the development of Rock n Roll. In the 1920, country was played with string instruments in the Rural Southwest. This type of music was identified as hillbilly music.