It is my honour to recommend Fernando Coutinho for candidacy into ITP at the Tisch School of Arts. I have worked intensively with Fernando in the last three years. Our first professional contact was in 2015 when he was a volunteer for a humanitarian project in the Amazon.

The Brazilian Army, during my tenure as brigade commander in the Rio Negro region in the Amazon (November 2015 – May 2017), has assisted and received several medical volunteer groups. These groups setup entire temporary hospitals in remote regions of Brazil in order to perform surgeries and medically assist the indigenous and local people – who do not have regular or any access to medical care.

All volunteers that come to the Amazon are required to have an exceptional skillset, and Fernando is no different, he actually stands out from his peers – and that’s why I’m happy to write this recommendation letter.

Fernando brings to all of his endeavours stamina and dedication. His impressive work with Expedicionários da Saúde – EDS (Health Expeditionaries), both in documenting and volunteering in the logistics area, have led him to be invited by other organisations and by EDS several other times. The photographs he produced during his multiple visits to the Amazon not only demonstrate his immense artistic qualities, but they also shine a light on several aspects of the Brazilian society and our relationship to the indigenous community.

It was also interesting to notice, in personal conversations I had with Fernando, his wide-range of interests. He can be quickly engaged in a in-depth discussion about the social-political situation of Brazil, the conflicts in the Middle-East or the pitfalls of cyber-security. Fernando’s broad range of interests speaks very well to his potential as a student and a researcher.

Fernando has been an important volunteer whom I have learned I can rely on, regardless of the difficulty of the task to hand or the novelty of the challenge. His combination of responsibility, intelligence, talent, and a compassionate personality will surely make him a successful student at ITP and as a outstanding professional in whatever area he chooses.