With everything that we have learned in this class and with this
week reading, Balanced Scorecard shows organizational goals chart that is broken
down into four related areas. Which are learning and growth, Business process,
customer and the financial (Balanced Scorecard Basics, 2017). BSC lets
companies to bridge the gap between operating statement, where everyone incorporates
goals, and how the day to day activities backup the company’s objectives. For
me it seems like BSC increases innovation and improvement process approaches like
six sigma and Lean manufacturing to a corporate goal as we learned last week.

It also ensures that the customers voices are equally important.

But the performance of BSC is subjective. Opposing
to the strategy pf quality, BSC is not quantifiable excepted for the opinion of
the management and the surveys that were done. First, setting up a precise
number of hours of learning a year to meet the organization’ goals of “learning
and innovation” automatically does not mean all employees attend the training will
utilize it in their everyday work to better the goals set at work or are focusing
on the training to fill in the mission ratio of the organization instead of
working on for example on an assembly line to understand it. Second, asking
high morale from employees can damage managers rules, since morale is not
always a manager’s pure view rules. Because setting up high morale goals might along
with layoffs employees with low moral with hard working standards. BSC also
seems not to incorporate the risk management or the direct financial analysis
of economic value. Objectives that are selected under BSC does not automatically
includes opportunity cost computations.

Because BSC can enhance a company financial reporting
without automatically improving the quality of an organization nor improving
the company’ financial numbers, it appears to be another type of
non-value-added reporting. Or, even worse, its appears to be a distraction from
achieving actual goals of an organization. Theoretically, BSC goals can be easy
to reach but it can be hard to quantify.