1891—The season three african american males paved the

1891—The sport basketball was invented by the Canadian Dr.. James Naismith (History of Basketball in Canada, NBA.com) as a new indoor activity at the YMCA training school in Massachusetts as an athletic distraction during winter in New England. Although the objective of the game remains the same it originally started with peach baskets hung from the walls as the nets. Naismith has since been greatly credited in the Basketball Hall of Fame. (“History of Basketball in Canada”, NBA.com)
1892 — The 13 rules created by Dr. James Naismith were published and the first public game was played by the men attending the YMCA.
1893— The first women’s college game was played at Smith College in Massachusetts.
1894— The free throw line had originally been 20 feet but was decreased to 15 feet.
1895— Naismith had both the field and free throw goals rewarded with three points but it was then changed to two points for a field goal and one point for a free throw goal.
1898— Dribbling was allowed into the official rules being apart from the rule that Naismith stated no running with the ball.
1906— The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA) was formed as the Intercollegiate Athletic Association to put in place rules for intercollegiate sports.
1923— The first official governing body for basketball in Canada was formed in Thunder Bay, Ontario and was named the Canadian Amateur Basketball Association (CABA)
1936— After gaining enough popularity throughout the world, the sport finally became accepted into the Olympic games in Berlin but played only by men teams. The Canada’s Mens National Team lost gold to the American team but won silver.
1946— The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) very first game was played at the Maple Leaf Gardens featuring the New York Knickerbockers and Toronto Huskies with a close game of 68-66.
1946— The first game of wheelchair basketball was played by WWII veterans.
1949— The NBA was formed through the merging of forerunner the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League. There are currently 3 teams from each forerunner remaining in the NBA.
1950— In this NBA season three african american males paved the way for many african american players to come. Chuck Cooper was the first to be drafted by Boston, Nat Clifton was the first sign an NBA contract with New York, and Earl Lloyd was the first to play in an NBA regular-season with Washington.
1951— The very first all-star NBA game was held in Boston with a score of East 111 – West 94.
1954 — The NBA established a rule for the 24-second clock within all games in efforts of speeding up the game.
1957— This was the first season all the way to 1969 season that the Boston Celtics in the NBA won a total of 11 championships out of 13, they hold the record for most championships won by a team.