1980s presidency of Jimmy Carter Iran’s Shah lost

1980s America brought many changes to America history.  It was a time that brought a sense of unity back to America.  The changes that occurred in the 1980s America made Americans proud to be Americans again, after the rough times in the previous decade. Many changes happened including a redone economic system and increased defense spending. Politics of the 1980s affected America because we had American Hostages in Iran, an arms for hostages deal took place, and the Reagan and Bush presidencies made change in the country by their policies.  During the presidency of Jimmy Carter Iran’s Shah lost his place in Iran’s Government.  He was allowed to enter the U.S for medical treatment. After the Shah lost his power the U.S Embassy in Tehran, the Iranian Capital was raided.  It was raided by angry students who took 66 American hostages.  They did this because they wanted the Shah to return to Iran and go on trial.  The American Government did not give in.  They said it was blackmail. (Iranian Hostage Crisis)         A new power in the Iranian Government soon came to be.  During his power 14 of the American hostages were released.  Although the 52 hostages left were still being humiliated and abused.  According to Iranian Hostage Crisis some of the abuses were having a firing squad face the hostages, and solitary confinement.  Some of the hostages who were released were facing illness. Many Iranians blamed the United States for getting involved in foreign politics, which caused the crisis. (Iranian Hostage Crisis)            When the Crisis began President Jimmy Carter called a National Emergency.  Trade was cut off with Iran, Iranian ambassadors were removed from their placement.  Also any Iranian Students in the U.S  had their credit, and debit cards inspected.  After 6 months of trying to talk it out with Iran President Jimmy Carter decided to take action. On April 24, 1980 8 U.S Helicopters were sent to Iran to rescue the hostages. Three of the helicopters crashed in the desert of Iran.  This caused the death of 8 American, and the mission was abandoned. (Iran hostage crisis)     The Iran hostage crisis affected America in many ways.  One of which was the current weakness of the country.  The weakness came from the Vietnam War.   Another way it affected America was by showing the weakness of Current President Jimmy Carter.  The way he dealt with the situation by trying to negotiation with the Iranians, and failing to  rescue the hostages caused him to lose the election of 1980.  This event also showed the need to change and bring a sense of unity back to America.  The hostages were released January 20, 1980 the day of Reagan’s inauguration. (Iran hostage crisis)    Many events occurred during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.  One of the most notable events was the Iran Contra Affair.  This occurred when two desires of the Reagan Administration were trying to be accomplished.  The goals were to help the contra rebels bring a downfall to the government in Nicaragua which was ruled by the Sandinistas, and to rescue America hostages held in Lebanon by Iranian-backed rebels.  The hostages were taken by terrorist groups in Lebanon. (Iran-Contra Affair)   President Reagan became decocted to free the hostages after he met with their family’s.  In 1985 national security advisers Robert McFarlane and Admiral John Poindexter and NSC member Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North  were involved in coming up with an Arms for Hostages deal. The weapons would be purchased from the Department of defense by the CIA who would sell them to others to sell to Iran.  The deal was aiming for the terrorist to release the 7 American hostages after having the weapons sold to Iran, and to have the money from the weapons being sold go to the Contras in Nicaragua. (Iran-Contra Affair)     The contra affair was investigated by Lawerence Walsh in November of 1986.  Washes final report stated that the Arms for Export Control Act was violated by the arms for hostages deal. It also violated the Boland Amendment which forbidden helping the Contras. Robert McFarlane, Oliver North, John Poindexter, and many others were charged and convicted.    (Iran-contra scandal: Report of the Independence Counsel (1993) )        The Iran Contra affair was damaging to Reagan, but it did not have him impeached. That’s because he was a popular president and the government didn’t want to go through an event like this after the Watergate Scandal (Iran-Contra Affair). The Iran Contra Affair may not have affected Reagan, but it affected America.  It affected America by showing the public that the government even breaks the law and can mislead people to hide the truth.