1)Introduction – Challenges o Have to implement a

1)Introduction –         Definitionof cloud computing-         Explanationof PaaS, IaaS and SaaS –         The need ofCloud computing within the banking sector.

–         Thepotential issues of using cloud computing.-         Itsimplication social, ethical and professional implications. 2) Security risks Elevated access right-         Explanationon the concept of elevated access right –         Bankingsecurity failure example –         Social,ethical and professional implications –         Citerelated laws Datalocation-         Explanationon the concept of Data location-         Bankingsecurity failure example –         Citerelated laws –         Social,ethical and professional implications Recovery-         Explanationon the concept of Recovery-         Bankingsecurity failure example –         Citerelated laws –         Social,ethical and professional implications Long term viability –         Explanationon the concept of long term viability-         Bankingsecurity failure example –         Citerelated laws –         Social,ethical and professional implications  3) Emerging securitythreatsSocial networking attacks-         Relationbetween social media and cloud computing-         Socialengineering to get credentials-         Phishingattack targeting banking clients –         Examples ofpast issues encountered-         Social,ethical and professional implications Mobile device attacks-         Increaseuse of mobile devices and apps –         Bankingapps connect to cloud via API-         The rise ofhacking through unsecured internet connections – unsecured WIFI connection-         Legal laws /data protection act –         Social,ethical and professional implications 4) Risks assessments –         Securityrequirements o  Thoroughlyimplemented security measures o  Deepauditing permission in case of incidento  Penaltyclauses in case of incident-         Challenges o  Lack ofnegotiation powero  Perceivedlimitation in certification.5) Existing solutions –         Privatecloud system – bank host its own cloud computing platform –         Challenges o  Have toimplement a cloud service department o  Costly o  Have tofind necessary IT, and human resources-         Benefits o  Solvenumerous security issueso  No vendorlock in o  Marketingstrategy to attract customer  o  Considerablylesser social, ethical and professional issues.