2.1 a certain level and type of education.

of Quality Education

term, education comes from the Greek paedagogie
which means guidance. So, paedagogie
is the guidance given to the child. In English education is called education that comes from the Romanian
language educare which means to
guide, direct, or dream. Can be interpreted that educare is issued, guiding, action realize the potential of
children who are brought from birth. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI),
education is defined as a process of changing the attitude and behavior of a
person or group in an effort to mature man through the process of teaching and

the definition of quality according to Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is the
level of good or bad something. In the context of education, the definition of
quality in this case refers to the educational process and educational
outcomes. So a quality education is education that can produce graduates who
have the basic skills to learn, so they can follow even be a pioneer in renewal
and change by empowering the sources of education optimally through good and
conducive learning.


of Quality Education

            In order to realize a standard of quality
education are needed to measure or assess the education. In the Government
Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 Year 2005 on Standards of National
Education, the standards of national education is the minimal criteria of the
education system throughout the jurisdiction of the Unitary State of the
Republic of Indonesia. There are eight standards of education that must be
considered to realize quality education, namely:

Standard of Graduates Competencies is
the qualification criteria for graduate competencies covering attitude,
knowledge, and skills.

Standard of Content is the criteria on
the scope of the material and the level of Competence to achieve the Competence
of graduates at a certain level and type of education.

Standard of Process is the criteria of
the implementation of learning in one unit of education to achieve the Graduate
Competency Standards.

Standard of Educators and Education
Personnel are the criteria for pre-service education and feasibility and
mental, as well as in-service education.

Standard of     Facility and Infrastructure are the criteria of learning space,
gym, workshop, library, laboratory, workshop, playground, creative and
recreational place as well as other learning resources needed to support the
learning process including the use of information and communication technology.

Standard of Management is the criteria
of planning, implementing and supervising educational activities in the
educational, district / city, provincial, or national levels of education in
order to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness of education.

Standard of Financing are the criteria
of the component and the amount of operating unit cost of education applicable
for one year.

Standard of Educational Assessment is
the criteria of mechanisms, procedures, and instruments for the learning
achievement of the Learners.

                 National Education Standards
are used as a reference for curriculum development to realize the goals of national