2.1 behavior. After that, the literature of Millennials

2.1 Introduction

By conducting literature review, this
dissertation aims to explore the work that are already available within the research
area. The literature review begins with a focus on Social Media and its impact
on consumer behavior. After that, the literature of Millennials is reviewed by
defining their characteristics and their use of Social Media. At the later
stage, the literature review is focused on Social Media and its usage in travel
and tourism industry. At the end, current literatures on how Social Media has changed
the way Millennials travel is reviewed.

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2.2 Social Media and its impact on consumers’ behaviors

Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, Google+, YouTube,
TripAdvisor, etc. are inseparable from our daily lives thanks to the widely use
of internet and technological advancement. Social Media platform is a place
where people share and discuss almost about anything from their daily lives to the
world’s current issues. It has been used by both individuals and organizations.
Other than personal and corporate use, Social Media is also a platform where
people exchange their information and opinions about goods, products and

and Williams (2013) stated that “Social media includes a multitude of sources
of online information that are created, circulated and used by consumers to
educate one another about products, services, and brands available in the
marketplace. Social media sites are inexpensive and, more often than not,
completely free to use.” Therefore, consumers are increasingly looking at
Social Media for peer reviews before purchasing products and services.

(2015) mentioned that “consumer behavior can be described as a psychological
method of decision making as well as physical action. The act of purchasing,
therefore, is not just a stage in the sequence of physical and mental
activities that occur during a particular period. Few of the activities occur
before the real purchase, whereas others occur later”. Moreover, in his studies,
he found out that Social Media is a great source of information and is a great
help for customers in decision-making process. Peer review sites also play a
significant role regarding whether to purchase services or products.

mentioned in various marketing and consumer literature, the information that consumers
get from interpersonal source significantly influences their purchasing
decision towards brands. Word-of mouth (WOM) which is known as information
changing between different customers has play even more critical role in changing
consumer behavior and attitude toward different brands and services.

conclusion, it can be assumed that Social Media plays quite a significant role
for consumers in term of information searching before making a decision on a
purchase of products and services.