2. in an economy as they decide the

2. Problem statement

and private sector is the most vital sectors can be seen in an economy as they
decide the way of an economy and the growth or the recession of it (Hausmann&Rodrik, 2003).
Therefore there should be best people to make it success. That means there
should be proper knowledge skills and abilities on individuals in both private
and public sector. Individuals’ career choice is an independent decision, but
they consider different factors when they decide their career path (Watt
, 2007). These factors may be vital to both private and public
sectors to pursue their ultimate goals.

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we consider the Sri Lankan economy, there is a huge increase on the private.
Further, the economy is projected to grow by 4.6 percent in 2017 and marginally
exceed 5.0 percent in the medium-term, driven by private consumption and
investment (World Bank, 2017). Increase of private sector or any other sector
means it will generate more job opportunities for the community. Thus, there is
a huge opportunities for the management graduates passed out form the

based on mini surveys (unstructured interview done by using 10 students), It
revealed that they have more influence on government sector more than private
sector. Ultimately it have shown more than 70% students are willing to start
their career in the public sector, if they got a chance to join to the public
sector. This situation creates detrimental effects on individual, organization
and society at large.

As individual, people become underemployed.
Then under employment people become underperform. (Bashshur, Hernández ,
2011) The reasoning seems to be that
underemployed individuals will not work hard because they find their jobs
pointless and demotivating (Borgen, Amundson, & Harder, 1988). If a person
become over qualify to the job he will become bored. Overqualified individuals
are thought to be undesirable employees due to the assumption that they will be
bored, dissatisfied, and under challenged at work (Bills, 1992). As a result of
this they are no longer sufficient to meet future demands.

Performance of an individual affect to the
achieving organizational goals and objectives. Performance consists of
goal-relevant behaviors under the control of the individual that contribute to
the organization’s goals (Campbell, McCloy, Oppler, & Sager, 1993;
Campbell, 1999; Motowidlo, 2003). Possibly the job behavior which is most
closely related with underemployment is turnover. (Burris 1983).


Thus, it is important to identify which
factors influence on selecting public sector for their career. Thus, research
question of the present study is what
factors determine management undergraduates’ public sector career choice


Conceptual framework

Dependent Variable




















To identify
the factors that affecting to choice of government sector career of state
university management students.



explore the difference on career choice decision between male and female
management undergraduates

identify differences on career choice decision in terms of geographic location
of the students


are the most prominent factors that affect to the public sector career choice
of government university students?