20th Century Literature Test

Edward VII
Who followed Queen Victoria in reigning over England?

An attempt to portray or interpret the workings of the unconscious mind as manifested in dreams

The use of precise, concrete image, free verse, and suggestion rather than complete statement.

Who introduced the world’s first television service?

Mass Media
What new thing had a far reaching effect of modern literature?

What was categorized by experimentation in form and subject matter?

Modern Fiction
What was characterized by secularism?

Robert Frost
Who was an American poet that took up residence in England and wrote his first work there.

William Butler Yeats
Who wrote several poems to Maude Gonne?

C.K. Chesterton
Who was known for writing devastating attacks on Darwinism and vigorously defending historic Christianity?

Bernard Shaw
Who wrote Pygmalion?

J.R.R. Tolkien
Who chronicled the events of good over evil?

Who defended Christian truth in science fiction writing?

Bernard Shaw
Who helped to found the Fabian Society?

What event in the 20th century caused many English poets to reflect a disillusionment with society as a whole?

Who wrote “To an Athlete Dying Young”?

Irish Renaissance
What had an important impact on British drama?

William Butler Yeats
Who was considered one of the greatest poets of the English Language?

What was personified in the poem “When You Are Old”?

C.S. Lewis
Who wrote The Screwtape Letters?

T.S. Eliot
Who was the poet known as the most traditional yet modern, influential yet influenced, poet of his time?

What were the group of poets called that idealized the beauty of nature in the tradition of Wordsworth?

Which poet wrote pessimistic ironic poems and was a well known literary critic?

Ezra Pound
Who began the Imagist movement in England?

Yeats and Eliot and Auden
Who were the 3 leading poets at the turn of the century?

What form of literature was revived in the 1890s?

Virtues of Society
What did Bernard Shaw’s plays satirically attack?

William Butler Yeats
Which poet took a break from poetry for several years to concentrate on writing plays about Irish life?

What year did Queen Victoria’s son begin reigning England and effectively begin 20th century English literature?

Where was Pygmalion originally performed?