3.0 if it comes to “taste” of products

3.0       Promotion

In this aging world with many
products in the market, it is crucial that the firms make initiatives to
introduce their products in the markets and let people know what are they
offering to the consumers. What makes their product better than others. This can
be tackle by promotions. This is because although how good your products are
but then if it is unknown, it will not be purchased. However, nowadays, even in
Malaysia, the promotion that had been done by firms are not aligned with the
Islamic perspectives of Marketing.

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Islam, it is stated that there will be no excuses for any forms of false
marketing. Based on the article from A Guideline to Islamic Marketing Mix, “Islamic
marketing ethics will follow the following rules; avoidance of false and misleading
advertising, rejection of high pressure manipulations, or misleading sales
tactics and avoidance of sales promotions that use deception or manipulation”.
This clearly state that a seller should be honest in his marketing strategies.
They should use facts in their promotion. Take an example of an advertisement
that states, “It clears 100% bacteria!” or “The best milk in the world!”, how
can it measure the facts? As it is quite subjective if it comes to “taste” of
products or how scientifically proven that it clears 100% of the bacteria? This
kind of promotion are not allowed in Islam as it is not confirmed. It is also
reported by Muslim that the Prophet S.A.W said, “He who deceives us is not of

that, the promotion should not use the appealing of sexual, emotional, fear or
false appeal.  This will be seem
inappropriate as it seems like we are trying to exploit the consumers’ mind by
wrong strategies and not based on their demand and wants. It is also stated in
the article of Islamic Marketing: Strategy For Marketing Islamic Agro Products
in Islamic Banking Institutions in Malaysia that “Furthermore, Islamic ethics
strictly prohibits stereotyping of women in advertising, and excessive use
of fantasy. The use of suggestive language and behaviour, and the use of
women as objects to lure and attract customers are also not allowed”

a nutshell, we should follow the Islamic Perspective in promoting the products
and services as we, Muslim, should try not only to achieve greatness in this
world but also in Falah and we surely should abide the rules that has been set
to us as a Muslim. Doing business is good but doing it right it a must.

4.0       Distribution/Place

The least thing that businesses
always take consider of in marketing mix from the Islamic Perspective is the
place for the business or the way it is distribute. Distribution channels is
where the goods and services are transfer from the producers to the customers.
Businesses always thought that a good place is a place where many people will
come and buy their products but it is not only that thing that is matter in
Islamic Perspective.

the place can be anywhere as long it is not in dispute but in Islam, based on
the (Hidayat & Hermawan, 2017), “it is implied
that Islam places more emphasis on closeness between companies and markets”.
This also has been supported in hadith that said, “Ibn Umar said, truly the
Messenger forbade someone to intercept merchandise before it reaches the
market.” (HR. Muslim). What I understand from the hadith is that, it is better
and good to get the goods to the market as fast as possible to avoid any

is also advisable that the distribution methods are transparent and can give
satisfaction to the customers. In the case of transporting the goods to
consumers, the environmental impact must be take into consideration. Example if
the cars or vans used to deliver the goods must in good condition and do not release
some sort of bad toxins to the environment. Beside that, in the place of
distribution, as Muslim we should not manipulate the availability of the
product for exploitation. Example if there is a speculation that the price of
the goods will increase so we keep it till the price rises. It is not good in
the eyes of Islamic Perspectives.

a nutshell, we should take consider this case when we choose the place for the
business that we will run. It may seems like not a big case but it is a must
for us to consider this aspect.