3.3 2. Observation This is done to gain

3.3 Fact Finding Approach

  3.3.1 Research Design

A research design is the plan and structure that
outlines activities that should be done from the writing of a hypothesis to the
final data analysis.

Experimental Research

This is the type of research that employs objective,
controlled and systematic investigation for the purpose of controlling,
predicting and examining probability and causality among selected variable
(Johnson & Turner, 2007). The researcher should have an understanding
points on the current manual system and have background knowledge of how the
system operates. The researcher collects data from systems already existing
while implementing them. After the system is ready in the development phase it
is tested to find if it meets the required standards and if an improvement
should be done then give it to a few other users to test functionality to
optimality. If it meets requirements, it is then implemented.

3.3.2 Population

The target population ranges from small-to-medium car hire
companies that are using manual system which is tedious to use. Kenyan citizens
and non-citizens who do not have cars or access to their cars but are in need
of car services.


3.3.3 Data Collection


interview involved meeting up with interviewees from car hire companies and
customers in need of car hire services in the evaluation of the problems of the
existing manual system and if the Car Hire Management System will be of good
value to them.


is done to gain first-hand information regarding to the functionality of the
currently existing system. The customers will be observed on how they deal with
the manual system and how the companies are operating.


both close ended and open ended are issued to customers and employees of car
hire companies regarding performance of the existing system and if the Car Hire
Management System would be a better option.


3.4 Requirement Analysis


Registration- allow for registration by displaying
a registration form.

Login- allow customers to login by
displaying login form.

Admin-  allow
administrators to log in through the log in display form. Allow change what
cars are available and respond to user queries. Admin has add and remove

Secondary task- allow car hire cancellation by

Authenticate any user logging in through
verification of correctness of inputted username and password.

Select date of desired delivery and number
of days to be hired.

Store customer information in the



Performance requirements- speedy performance/transmission of

to maintain traffic (mass number of customers in the system).

Security- prevent third party users at administration

Quality attributes- Easy to see and use navigation

Maintain user friendly environment that is
visually appealing

Searching cars should be accessible to
people who are not logged in.



3.5 Logical Design

3.5.1 Use Case Diagram

use case diagram is a graphical representation of the high-level system scope
on how the users are going to interact with the system. It includes use cases
which represent parts of the functionality the system will provide and actors
who are the end users of the system (Bae, Lee & Chae, 2008).

Figure 4 case diagram for admin


Figure 5 User Use case diagram






3.5.2 Sequence diagram

These diagrams are used to describe the flow of
activities of a user.


Figure 6 Sequence