Through my dissertation I am going to focus on the
representation of the vamp and the western(ised) woman in the Bollywood films
through 1970’s to the early 2000’s through three different time – line movies,
connected with themes that question the representation of western woman in the
industry. I am going to focus on the depiction of Anglo- Indian heroin’s in
films between 1960’s and 1970’s. The Indian woman, yet westernised (NRI) in a
popular film of the 1970’s. And lastly I cross examine and contrast this to a
film made in the 1990’s. For this, I am first understanding the social process
that has lead to formulate the idealised feminine behaviours. I then go on to examine how the ‘female ideal’ and
feminine sexuality has been treated by exploring the body work of the female
protagonists. I then draw upon feminist reactions to female ideal standards
and (Chaudhuri 2004) use these criticisms to provide a model for female prejudice
in relation to Bollywood movies.