Decals can utilize your storefront to display your business
services. By presenting your capabilities with your design, you’re bound to
reach your target market more effectively.

We create custom decals to attract customers. In restaurants, instead
of presenting a deal with real store-front displays, opt for a beautifully designed decal would get your message spread
out. Following is explained the benefits, reasons to consider for promoting
your marketing efforts, and ideas on how to promote your business:

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4 BENEFITS of Decals for Businesses

Stickers fit many benefits for your business promotion. With attractable decals, you
can be able to improve your brand’s identity. Decent stickers show your brand on the market. Your customers can
be familiar with your brand by using signage. The custom logo decals created by our designers have potential
to maximize your market awareness. Let us lift the veil for you:

Vinyl decals are an affordable way to advertise.

Signage is very affordable, which makes them a prime choice
for storefront advertising. They offer economical cost per impressions compared
to other types of printed marketing material. Decals appearance would serve well to promote
discounts, new product releases, or other new information. The
information placed in it doesn’t have to change too often, thereupon, it becomes
more affordable.

Vinyl decals can be used as supportive branding

and exterior vinyl decals add creative branding to
any organization, company, or storefront. Decals are great mean to
emphasize your brand and execute your branding strategy. If used in combining
with other exterior signage, branded custom
decals can offer a sleek, professional-look storefront that
seizes customers’ consciousness.

Vinyl decals highlight essential information

sorts of decals can have factors that change seasonally.
They hold information that properly highlights your business promises and core
values. They can also be used to advertise
new services, seasonal specials, store hours, important notes, notices, and

Vinyl decals provide the possibility for unique designs

engaging look sticker presents you great
opportunity to snatch the attention of the passersby and get people interested
in your stores. Our designs can highlight what you do in a creative way in
order to draw new customers’ attention to your store. We deliver decal designs that create
your image as problem solvers to your audience. Correspondingly, your
customers consider your brand name as the solution for their worries. Moreover,
this creates a personal touch for your customers as well. 

In this digital age, the advancement of technology has been making a notable
contribution to the world of photography. People may use a range of
technologies to produce digital images in their everyday activities. According
to Effendy (2002) and Susanto (2008) the trend of using advanced
photographic technology in mobile electronic devices is continuously growing.
The trend, however, has generated an impression that photography is a low-
class art, and is even doubted to be a work of art. Digital photography
becomes a symbol of the spirit of modern culture, which consequently ignores
the use of traditional photography. For many people, the trend of using digital
cameras may symbolise progress and increased accessibility of photographic
equipment. On the contrary, the advent of digital photography is equal to the
end of traditional film photography (Kamps, 2008). This situation often
generates conflicts between practitioners of photography.

My aim in this dissertation is to discuss the trend of using digital photography
in a specific community: Indonesian society. Also, that the use of digital
photography bypasses the above mentioned controversy between digital and
film photography. Recently there seems to be a growing trend in Indonesia of
recording wedding events in a series of photographs. This usually includes a
pre-wedding photograph session. Many couples are willing to pay a large sum
of money to hire photographers to capture this unique moment in their life. In
fact, many couples have deliberately gone overseas for these photo sessions
(DJ, 2010). Unlike capturing pictures in a studio, pre-wedding sessions are
commonly conducted in various outdoor locations. Photographers may need
to put in more effort in order to produce higher quality photographs. The
photographer’s skills in capturing the right moment, in the right place, in the
right time, are essential in this particular situation (Sijanggut, 2011). In this
case, the clients will also have to work together with the photographer to
develop a remarkable result. 

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