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4. Data Analysis and FindingsAccording to this factors we drafted a questionnaire to acquire valuable data, derive at a statisticalModel. We targeted age group of 20 years old and above who are in the future going to buy these green cars or eco-friendly cars. We have collected 203 responses and we are still receiving responses. As per now we considered 203 sound responses and undergo descriptive statistics and tested reliability and validity test.4.1. Descriptive Statistics:The demographics of our collected data is as follows:Table 1: Demographic profile of respondents                                                                          RESPONDENTS         PERCENTAGE (%)GENDER                           MALE                                         153                            75.4                                          FEMALE                                      50                             24.6AGE                                  <25                                             183                             90.1                                          25-35                                          19                               9.4                                          36-45                                           1                                0.5EDUCATION                 UNDER-GRADUATE                   144                             70.9                                       POST GRADUATE                        54                              26.6                                       OTHERS                                         6                                 3OCCUPATIONAL         GOVT. EMPLOYEES                      6                                 3STATUS                        PVT. EMPLOYEES                        13                               6.4                                      SELF-EMPLOYED                         18                               8.9                                      STUDENTS                                  169                             83.3The project was "Alternative Resources for Sustainable Development in Automobile Sector" which demanded the data from the age group of 18-35 because these people are the future car buyers who wants ecofriendly cars so that the emission of pollutants can reduced, which is beneficial for them, their health and earth.4.2 Reliability Test                                                    Reliability StatisticsCronbach's Alpha  Cronbach's Alpha Based onStandardized Items N of Items                       .893                        .898                          23In the report, Cronbach alpha Measurement plays a vital role in the measurement of the quality of the reliability. By practice, an easy-going cut-off of .60 is systematic in exploratory research; alpha must not be less than .70 or greater to grab an object in "satisfactory" scale; and scientists demand .80 cut-off for a "proper scale (with reference to Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis by Wolfgang K. Hardle, Leopold Simar, Izenman, J. Modern Multivariate Statistical Techniques: Regression, Classification, and Manifold Learning, Tinsley, H. and Brown, S. (2000) Handbook of Applied Multivariate Statistics and Mathematical Modeling). Cronbach's alpha has been independently registered for all the measurements distinguished. All the coefficients of alpha are above 0.90, indicating superb stability amid the components in all the measurement. The results are displayed in Table.Validity is the level at which a conception, completions or estimation is accepted and collate accurately actuality. "Valid" is derived from the Latin word validus, which means solid.Reliability can also be defined as the level at which an evaluation instruments builds steady and compatible outcomes.4.2.1. Types of Reliability1. Test-Retest reliabilityTest – retest reliability is a system of adherence attained by supervising a similar test twice over a timespan to a coalition of people. The scores from Time 1 and Time 2 can then be conjoined with a specific end goal to evaluate the test for soundness after some time2. Parallel Forms reliabilityParallel structures reliability is a system of unwavering quality acquired by supervising distinguishable adaptations of an appraisal device (Both forms must contain things that test similar progress, aptitude, information base, and so forth.) to similar coalition of people. The scores from the two renditions can then be related with a specific end goal to assess the consistency of result crosswise over a substitute form.3. Inter-rater reliabilityInter-rater reliability is a measure of dependability used to survey how much extraordinary evaluator or raters accede in their appraisal choices. Between rater adherence is beneficial in light of the fact that human onlookers won't really decipher answers in the similar way, raters may differ in the matter of how.