4.e.c. it is simply untrue, and this action


4.e.c.   Analysis : In Thailand, 3% of the
population has some form of disability (Disabilities
Thailand and Network of Disability Rights Advocates, 2016),
while 1 billion or 15% of the whole world’s
population experience some form of disability, and out of that 110 – 190 million people have significant disability (The
World Bank, 2017). There are laws in Thailand regarding
business sites and work environment should be accommodating disabled guests
equally and not discriminately, and public places such as government complex,
public toilets, schools and hospitals, all should be accessible for disabled
people. To be evaluated as an accessible establishment,
there should be 5 aspects present – ramps, disabled
lavatory, parking space, sign and information access. (Department
of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Ministry of Social Development and
Human Security, 2016). Inn A Day hotel does not have any
of these qualifications, so it is totally inaccessible for disabled guests. This action is not complying with law, but it seems like that
is very common in Thailand. Even only 28.4% of government facilities provided basic 5 assistive devices
for disabled customers (Disabilities Thailand and Network
of Disability Rights Advocates, 2016), and it is not
setting a good example for business owners. What is more
unethical than not being able to accommodate them is that advertising your
hotel as disabled-friendly, when customers come to the
hotel, it is simply untrue, and this action causes the guests major discomfort
and inconvenience (Accessible Thailand). To
avoid this issue, Inn A Day does mention the fact that hotel has only stairs (figure 2.6).






Figure 2.6
 the hotel provides only
stairs, no elevators

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of Inn A Day hotel are not possible to be accessible for disabled guests,
because all the rooms are on 2nd or higher floors, the stairs are quite steep
and the structure of the building doesn’t allow them to
build an elevator – which is usually the case in small
boutique hotels.


4.e.d.  Opinion :    The
building’s structure was not designed for a hotel, so it
is now impossible to welcome disabled guests in their room. Although
what we have noticed is that they can make their restaurant on the first floor be
accessible by building a ramp next to the steps to accommodate guests who are
willing to dine in their restaurant.