5.1 of the entrepreneurs are not only willing

                                                                        5.1    CHAPTER
RECOMMENDATIONS     Introduction

In this chapter, the researcher presents the summary,
conclusion and Recommendations based on the findings and interpretations of the
research. The

Researcher also presents the limitations that were identified
when carrying out this Research. Further, the researcher provides suggestions
for further research on the area and closes the chapter with providing
implications for policy and practice that can emanate from the findings of the

                         5.2 Summary of the
Research Findings

On biographic information, it was found that the majority
of women involved in Entrepreneurial ventures are youth (below the age of 35).
It was also found that the majority of women who have gone into self-employment
(entrepreneurship) have a college diploma or secondary school education. From
the findings, all the respondents were literate and understand the role of
social media in marketing. 

On the nature of business, it was found that most women
entrepreneurs venture into fashion and retail business as compared to those who
venture into manufacturing and transport businesses. It was also found that
most of the women run businesses in this area do not survive beyond 5 years and
that Kasarani Division had the largest concentration of businesses.  On social media marketing as a strategy, it
was found that most women entrepreneurs in this area have embraced social media
as a marketing strategy. It was also found that the majority of women
entrepreneurs in Kasarani use Facebook more for marketing  than any other social media platform and that
most of the entrepreneurs engage in social media marketing without a plan on
how to execute the strategy On challenges of social media use, it was found that
the main challenges facing women entrepreneurs in Kasarani is fear of legal suits
that may arise from the use of media marketing and lack of sufficient funds to
invest in social media marketing. It also shows that majority of the
entrepreneurs are not only willing to use social media as a marketing strategy
but are also computer literate. On SME performance, it was found that majority
of women owned businesses are doing well in terms of revenues and customer growth.
It was also found that the majority of the women entrepreneurs are planning to
expand their businesses but are not sure whether the business will survive for
the next five years. This is because of the uncertainty in some of these


It can be concluded that women entrepreneurs are in the
youth bracket (35 year and

below). It can also be concluded that most of the women
entrepreneurs in Kasarani

are literate and thus understand the importance of social
media for marketing. It can

also be concluded that most of the women entrepreneurs in
Kasarani engage in

businesses that are less capital intensive. Most MSEs in
Kasarani Division use social

media and specifically Facebook as a marketing strategy.
The study therefore

concludes that social media specifically Facebook is a
marketing tool that when used

effectively any businesses irrespective of the nature can
positively affect its


MSEs Owners need to personally engage or hire people to
meet current and potential

customer on social media to enable them to received new
customers on social media.



This will enable them to be well versed with the media.
Due to the higher level of

Education of the women engaging in MSEs, they find the
social media marketing is

User friendly and for that reason, majority do not fear
that hackers will damage the

Image of their business when they use social media for
marketing their products. 

However, there is fear that the use of social media for
marketing may expose their

Business to legal suits. This indicates that despite many
MSEs market their products

on social media; they do not know the legal implications
on misusing such platforms

to market their products. Another major challenge that
theses MSEs were facing is

Shortage of funds to invest in social media marketing
which has made them unable to

Attract skilled staff to run their social media

The study also concludes that social media marketing has
positively resulted to

Increase in sales revenue, number of customer and the
number of employees. the

Increase is due to brand awareness and brand trust from
social media, which in turn,

have a strong influence on customer acquisition and
customer retention.

Recommendations from the Study

The study recommends that MSEs should adopt the various
social media marketing

practices more in their business to achieve the desired
levels of performance. The

Study also recommends that MSEs should establish their
weaknesses and strengths on

how to enhance their performance through social media.

It is also recommended that despite most women depicting
ease of using the

Marketing platform, awareness and how to operate
platforms such as Facebook should

be done to MSE owners who do not know how to use these
platforms to market their

Products. Women should also be encouraged to take credit
from microfinance



Institutions to market themselves as social media
marketing platforms helps retain and

to attract new customers to the business

The study further recommends that Facebook being a key
determinant in the business

Performance should be enhanced by MSEs. The study also
recommends that

Entrepreneurs make use of other social media marketing
platforms with a wide reach

such as YouTube. The study also recommends that social
networking be incorporated

in the MSEs so as to enhance the efforts of business
performance MSEs as the

outcome of the process is positive.

The study also recommends that the government and other
stakeholders promote

Women entrepreneurs by easing access to credit so that
they can be able to not only

Expand their businesses but also take advantage of modern
marketing tools and

Especially social media. The government and other
stakeholders should also sponsor

Training for women and other entrepreneurs so that they
are able to understand how to

leverage on social media marketing which includes coming
up with good action plans

on the use of social media as a marketing strategy.  With this help, women will also

be able to engage in more capital intensive businesses
like manufacturing. 

5.5 Suggestions for Further Studies

The present study has exposed the challenges facing women
entrepreneurs on social

Media marketing. The study suggests further studies on
the steps in which the various

Women entrepreneurs are taking to deal with these
challenges in order to leverage on

Social media marketing to grow their businesses. 



The study also proposes studies to be conducted on the
reasons as to why most Small scale

Businesses never participate in capital intensive
businesses e.g manufacturing, as it

has been revealed. It will also actualized understanding
of the challenges

Small Organizations face when they try to venture into
these businesses.