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5 Best Shoes For Mens When we are going out, we must take care of everything like clothing, accessories, hair but if your shoes not fit on your clothing or style. Then all thing is wasted. Because choosing the right shoes elevate your style to an average outfit to an excellent outfit.So it is must necessary that your shoes should be perfect or stylish and suits you.Today we’re talking about the five types of shoes that every guy needs to own. Now there are a lot of shoes you have but there are some that you just can’t live without. 1. SneakersSo let’s start with arguably the hottest type of sneakers or shoes right now especially when you’re trying to keep things light and casual I’m talking of course about white sneakers. Whether you go to the beach or you’re going out later to hang out with your boys. You can rock some white sneakers. They’re super clean, super versatile so you see guys wearing them all different ways.I also wear a couple of different pairs myself like above leather ones or they got though with the black soles.If you’re looking for the best white sneakers,you’re also going to pay too much for these white Sneakers.They usually go for over $400.2. WorkOut SneakersNext up we have workout sneakers. When you go to the gym basically every single day which means you must have a pretty large collection of athletic shoes. One of the best workout sneakers are  Adidas ultra boost. I honestly think these are the most comfortable sneakers and then they’re just amazing for traveling because they’re so comfortable. You may also like  Nike metcon DSX Flyknit.They’re great for training because of the flat soles not so much for traveling of course because these are strictly workout shoes. You need something like these right here because if you don’t own athletic sneakers then you’re probably not exercising if you’re not exercising then you’re probably not as healthy as you could be.So get yourself a pair of ultra boost or if you want something more versatile you can go for the adidas and Indies which are great as well not as good for runny.3. Formal ShoesNext up guys. Let’s get formal here. Every guy needs dress shoes and you can go for black like these here which I think are super dope or you can get dark brown like these. As you can see our readies a lot mostly because they work with so many of my outfits. A tip I’ll give you though the first pair of dress shoes you get, should be clean. Don’t get any brogues or anything to stand out design or even a different color. Go for classic shoes that you’ll be able to wear for a long time whether you’re going for a work event or a wedding. Then of course after you have the classics you can invest in whatever shoes you want to. Make sure that you have that variety in your closet.4. Chelsea bootsNext, let’s talk about Chelsea boots. These boots are more stylish in present. Honestly guys depending on the style that you buy, you can honestly wear this with t-shirt and jeans or even with a suit. They are beautiful I also own a pair and these are kind of like beater Chelsea boots they’re leather, more rugged and unlike the common projects I feel like I could just step on anything with these. I would say be mindful of the shape of the boot. Always try to wear  pointy boots something like the Vince Camuto because you could literally wear them with a suit and still pull it off.5. Casual Office ShoesNext up we have casual office shoes. These are a step up from regular sneakers but not formal enough to be considered dress shoes. They’re pretty affordable and they go with a lot of my outfits but you can even get something like these high top or low top sneakers here from clay which are leather I love these because I can dress them up or dress them down and they go with basically everything.So, Be Fashionable and Be Stylish.