mushroom is important in medical lines. It’s mainly use in traditional
therapies. As the growth of knowledge and time, a lot of research has been done
and documented. The science fields that studied about mushroom has find a lot
of unique properties and compound that can be used for medical purpose. The
nutritional studies of shiitake mushroom shows that various potential
anti-tumoral and immunomodulaory components like polysaccharides has been
found. In medical purpose, shiitake have been used to prevent cancer. Besides,
it is used in cardiac disease where it can improved blood circulation and also
reduced the blood cholesterol level. Furthermore, shiitake contribute itself
for the treatment of physical and emotional stress, osteoporosis, and diabetes
and for the stimulation of immunity. Shiitake is also used as anti-carcinogenic,
antioxidant, antibacterial as well as antithrombotic in cardiovascular
disorders. For example, the main disorder that involve in cardiovascular is hypercholesterolemia,
the hardening of arteries. As a treatment, shiitake is able to lower the serum cholesterol
via a factor known as eritadenine which is also called lentinacin. It proved
that it can reduces serum cholesterol the acceleration of the excretion if
ingested cholesterol and its metabolic decomposition. This is somehow will
lower the blood level of cholesterol and lipid in the body. Next, shiitake has
the property of antibacterial. It will release the lentinan which helps to
regulate the inflammatory response in the host when encounter pathogens. The
mushroom also activates the complement system which split C3 into C3a and C3b, enhancing
macrophage activation. Lastly, these mushroom will enhance the skins
appearance. This is because it has the concentration of kojic acid, which is
artificially modified into a chemical that can bleached our skin to fade scars
and age spots. The antioxidant not only works in protecting our internal organs
but skins cream or lotions that contain this extract also can then be the
ingredient in minimizing inflammation of the skin. From here, we can conclude
that shiitake products that came in market containing a lot of active
ingredients that can replace many other marketed synthetic medicines which can
results in fewer side effects. . It is clear that apart from the nutritional
value of mushrooms, they have potential medicinal benefits.