conservation describes the process which material, historical and design
durability of mankind’s built architectural history is prolonged to
last longer and to be able to sustain difficult conditions or to be
kept sustainable.

Architecture is the platform where all cultures, heritages, traditions, and histories meet, through architectural conservation, the built heritage is prolonged
and conserved by the planning of individuals or organizations that works solely
for the purpose of conservation of Architectural heritage. Through critical
decisions that are based on the criteria of combining, artistic, contextual,
and informational values, the heritage is conserved or sometimes, no actions
might be taken for the best interest of the cultural and architectural heritage.

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The issue of industrial
heritage and its preservation is today quite often discussed and actual topic,
not just among professionals. The industrial heritage sites link the
contemporary world to the work of the past and they are the authentic documents
of the progress of civilization. Industrial sites are important milestones in
the history of humanity referring to the economical, technical and
architectural development of our cities.


Distinctly “industrial” buildings first appeared during the industrial revolution, when a need arose for large buildings to housemachinery and large numbers of workers. The first industrial buildings, rectangular in plan and supported by brick or stonewalls and wooden roofs, were like those at the Strutt and Need factory in Belper, Derbyshire, Great Britain (1771).

In Egypt, the process started in the early-19th century under the
rule of Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha (r. 1805-1848), and Egypt remains today a country
with an important and diversified industrial sector.

Materials determine and guide the advancement of the societies in
which they are used, and copper use shaped Egyptian civilization and
technologies more than any other readily available industrial material. Copper
is among the first metals mined and used anciently, and while the technologies
utilizing it have shifted, it remains a valuable and useful commodity.

The territory, Hagar el Nwatia is an old neighborhood that was
created around The Egyptian Copper Works Factory. This made it the area’s
center and landmark. And it’s why this research is concerned about studying it
to reach for recommendations to help conserve the building.