5th grade poetry vocab

a unit of meaning.

lines that are grouped together usually has the same number of lines.

the repetition of sounds at the end of lines or with lines

rhyme scheme
the pattern of rhyme in a poem

figurative language
an elaborate way of expressing yourself in which you dont say exactly what you mean.

a comparison of two unlike things that uses a word of comparison such as like or as.

compares two unlike things but does not use a word of comparison.

gives human qualities to nonhuman things.

alliteration poetry
when the beginning of words start with the same constanant or vowel sounds in stressed syllables and the words that are close together.

acrostic poetry
the letters of the subject are written down vertically to form the word choice. next to each letter the poetic statement is written horizontally to express the subject.

concrete poetry
is a visual word expression. it captures the essence of a very specific words and works them through in observable physical ways.

definition poetry
the writer defines an image or a precepition terms in personal terms which gives the poem its unique character.

diamante poetry
Italian word for diamond.this poetic form created by the poet iris tiedit takes the form of a diamond when completed. pattern one develops one topic.pattern two starts out with one theme and in the middle begins to move forward an opposite theme.

haiku poetry
It is a Japanese verse in three lines. line one has five syllables, line two has 7 syllables and line 3 has 5 syllables.

onomatopeia poetry
When a word is used which demonstrates a sound it is called onomatopoeia. Sound words are used such as Crash, boom, bang,crunch, kerplunk, zap,buzz.

tongue twister
phrases and sentences which string words together with many internal similarities begin to sound alike that they are hard to pronounce and separate.