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6. New Garage DoorsGarage Door Service Of Stamford is able to supply you with a vast selection of new garage doors. Many with newer technology and options to choose from that will make life a little bit easier. Curious about what options you have? Call us and we’ll talk to you about each door.What A New Garage Door Can Do For YouThere many ways a new garage door can benefit you and your home. Some ways better than others but all will help in different ways. If your thinking about remodeling your home, one good place to start is with a new garage door. Below is a list of ways a new door can help you depending on what type of door you get:Maintenance-with the newer types of doors that are being produce they also come with lower maintenance. One thing you won’t have to do is repaint it all the time when colors start to chip.Looks- a new garage door will definitely improve the look as a whole of your home. A good conversation starter with your neighbors.Storage- poorly insulated garage doors can cause damage to your things over time. A new garage door can give you the type of storage you need being sealed and insulated.Value- a new door will boost the value of your home and interested buyers will most likely stop at a home.There are still many different reasons for getting a new garage door but know our team is here to help. Call us and we’ll guide you through the selection of doors and which one would fit your home the best. Then have it ordered and shipped.The Manufacturers There are many garage door manufacturers that produce high quality new garage doors. We have the privilege to working with them and being able to install their products. With the types of material that are being used today, these doors are very well put together and last a long time. Some of these manufacturers that we work with are:Northwest-this company originated in 1946 and has been family owned. Started off as a garage door installation business and grew into what it is today.Clopay-North America’s largest garage door manufacturer and has been in the industry for more than 50 years.Amarr-was established in 1951 and does distribution, design and manufacturing sectional garage doors.Martin-founded in 1936 by Leno Martin and he invents one of the first one piece garage door types. Later on in 1960 his younger brother David, went from one piece garage doors to sectional garage doors.Wayne Dalton-founded in 1954 by Emmanuel  Mullet and offer a wide selection of doors and color options.And so much more…There a more garage door manufacturers out there that build amazing doors and parts. If you want to know more about these companies, go on their websites and you’ll see the kind of products they make. We also have a online catalog for you to choose from and our staff understand every garage door and their parts.Garage Doors You Can CustomizeWhen the manufacturers made these garage doors, they also made them to be unique and able to be one of a kind. Having the option to customize your door can give you many looks from a more modern look to even a classy upscale look. Here is a list of some of the garage doors your able to customize:Flush panel- is the more modern look that a lot of people go for. Made with heavy duty materials and has a smooth and clean front.Carriage House-resembles a carriage house door that your able to open from the handles but then up close it opens like a garage door, up and down motion. These doors provide a very elegant look.Steel Raised Panels- this type of door is made to be tough. Built with steel and a protective weather seal that’s perfect against many weather conditions.Wood- if your looking for a rustic country charm feel. This is the door for you. The only bad part is they do need painting because the moisture can cause the paint to peel.And so much more…When your in the market for a new garage door, head over to our catalog and take a look at the different ones you can choose from. If uncertain we’ll have a tech stop by and take a few measurements. Then discuss the options that would fit your home.Upgrades And OptionsAfter you picked which door you want comes the fun part. Well the whole process is fun but being able to add certain features and any color you want can make things interesting. Usually people choose what color and material they want first then work their way around like adding windows. Then if you want insulation or not those options are available also. WiFi connectivity is a newer one, being able to access your garage door through your phone or tablet can make it a lot easier. Still there’s plenty of options, contact us and a sales rep will go over each one with you to help the process go smoother.PanelsWhen you buy a panel garage door please keep in mind that panels cannot be repaired, only replaced. When they’re damaged because of simple wear and tear or from a storm. We can come right over and see if we can replace the damaged ones or have to replace the door. Also understand that if a couple panels a being replaced that you run the risk of colors not matching. Over the years from the sun and weather in general the colors will lose their vibrancy. We’ll get the same colors you had but the coloring might be off a little.Changing Out Older PartsYou want your garage door to last and nobody wants to have to repair or replace parts. Keeping up with broken or worn down parts will benefit your garage door making last even longer. If it goes a long time without being replaced this could cause even more damage. Then you’ll end up paying double for time and products. So please try and keep up with the simple things then your garage door won’t let you down.We’re Professionals If you have ever seen somebody work on a garage door or have done it yourself, then you understand how parts can be dangerous. Balancing the door is a huge one. The weight of the door could fall on you or something else if not balanced right. Here at Garage Door Service Of Stamford our whole team are professionals. With proper training they understand what it takes to install any garage door, make and model. They always come prepared to take on all jobs with all the right tools and parts. Put your trust in us and give us a shot.We’re ReadyAre you ready for a new garage door? If so, don’t wait any longer to call us at Garage Door Service Of Stamford. Ready to take on all your garage door needs from this day forward. Available to you 24/7 we can come out to your home that same day. Contact us today and let’s find you a new garage door. So what are you waiting for? Call us now!