2. Engagement2.1 “eSeva Pro” hereby engages the FRANCHISEE to offer the Products and Services and to perform all such acts, deeds and things as described in this Agreement and as instructed from time to time at Address : ____________________________________, Colony : _________________, Village : ______________________, Mandal : ________________ , District : ____________ , State : ______________, Pincode : ______________. Registered Phone No : _____________________  Email : _____________________________”eSeva Pro” does not commit itself or promise for provision of any definite volume of work for any specific period under this Agreement. The list of products and services offered by www.esevapro.com are subject to change from time to time.2.2 “eSeva Pro” pays commissions and charges to the FRANCHISEE for making available the products and services through their brand stores. The commissions and service charges payable to Franchisee are enclosed in Annexure-1 of this agreement. This is subject to change from time to time based on products and services.2.3 The FRANCHISEE shall display a sign board of “eSeva Pro” clearly visible to the general public, and list all the products and services provided by esevapro.com. And clearly display notices and alerts to the general public as provided by esevapro.com2.4 The FRANCHISEE shall offer only such products and services as approved by “eSeva Pro”.2.5 The FRANCHISEE shall not directly engage or do business with third parties without written consent of “eSeva Pro”. If the third party services are beneficial to the public and does not conflict with “eSeva Pro” business module, they shall be approved solely at discretion of “eSeva Pro” Management.2.6 The FRANCHISEE shall not display any kind of advertisement or notice of third parties in the store without written consent of “eSeva Pro”.Termination: If the Franchisee doesn’t follow any of the above conditions, then the agreement shall stand cancelled and the fixed deposit shall not be refunded.