Jquery enables do more than one function by event and can be used all elements. However Jquery is not a standard language, so it can’t do the basic things that JavaScript can. Javascript:the previous question can’t alert with pop-ups, but the code is much easier than Jquery.Q4)Differences between Python and Javascript: Javascript is primarily used for client side(Browser), Python is primarily used for server side.Javascript is C-like syntax(extra characters like semicolons and curly braces), whereas Python’s syntax is very clear and readable. Also the significant whitespace means that all code is properly and consistently intended. Python language uses neutral english words such as “or” , JS uses && and ||Similarities: They’re both memory-managed and they don’t need to be compiled before runQ5)AJAX is the abbreviation of Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Not only XML but JSON or normal document files can be used. “A” means asynchronous behavior of javascript. Web server executes JavaScript and requests data separately after displaying HTML and CSS.Q6)The role of the host objects in JavaScript are to complete the execution environment of ECMAScript. Two often used host objects are Window and Document. There are no equivalents in Python or Java because these languages are commonly used for a server side programing.Q7)There are Dates, Math, Regular expressions, Arrays, Functions and Objects in built in Objects. Math Object enables mathematical tasks by JavaScript. Array Object enables to store more than one values in a single variables.Q8))event can be something the browser does, or something a user does (example: An HTML input field was changed or An HTML button was clicked) An eventlistener is a function waiting for an event to happen and then act.Q9)API stands for Application Programming Interface. The API itself is independent from the implementation because it defines only the “specification”. For an instance, API suggests some relatable words in drop-down style as a user enters each letter. It doesn’t require updating the current page. It can prevent user from typing misspelled vocabulary and provide more accurate words for searching. API can be applied easily by plug-in to browsers.