“A between leadership and management, and give advantages

“A leader is
one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way “John C Maxwell.

As a part
the phase four electrical apprenticeship, all apprentices have been assigned
portfolios to complete on the differences between leadership and management.
Throughout this portfolio I will establish the main differences between
leadership and management, and give advantages and disadvantages of each.




Leadership versus

To many
leadership and management fall hand in hand and are relatively the same thing,
but in fact they are very different qualities which can be found in people in
all aspects of life. A Leader is someone who sets out goals, inspires others to
follow the same goals, and leads the group towards achieving this common goal.
Leadership can be described as winning combination of bought personal traits
and also the ability to bought think and act as a leader.

The Dublin
senior football manager Jim Galvin is a great example of a leader, even though
the job title he falls under is technically management, Jim can be best
described as one off the greatest leaders the GAA has ever produced. Jim joined
the Dublin football team in 2012, and set out the goals of making the current
Dublin senior team the best football team off this generation. He aligned
himself with followers who all had the same visions and aspirations of
achieving this goal. “Leadership can be described as an art of motivating and
inspiring a group of people to act towards common goals”.

is doing things right, leadership is doing the right thing” Peter Drucker. Management
can be described as the process that is used to accomplish laid out,
predetermined goals. Managers are employees who are responsible for controlling
and overseeing certain people within organizations to get tasks done
efficiently and on time. These tasks are generally are generally predetermined
tasks that come from a higher authority within an organisation, (i.e. leaders).

To have a
well-balanced organization there is bought leaders and mangers required to
succeed, in fact what is really needed is a few great leaders and many first
class managers ( Kotterman, 2006).

A leader is
someone within an organization who sets out direction, who comes up with the
ideas and the visions, motivates and inspires others to all have the same
goals. Whereas managers are the people who are assigned tasks, and expected to
achieve predetermined goals through planning, budgeting, organizing.

” management
is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while
leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they
could” (Steve jobs).


Leadership and management


There are
three main categories in which leadership falls into. These categories are
known as autocratic, paternalistic and democratic.


Autocratic like
to make all off the important decisions, and closely monitor staff. In this type
of management there is a lack of trust towards employees, one way
communication, these type of leaders expect to be obeyed. This type of
leadership will have its limitations, but can be effective in certain
situations such as when there is a need for decisions to be made quickly, and
when controlling large numbers of under skilled staff. This type of leadership
is off benefit when quick decisions are needed to be made.



In this type
of management, managers will tend to give more attention to the social needs
and views of their employees. Managers in this type of management act if they
are father figures, interested in keeping the workforce happy. They will tend
to converse with employees over ongoing issues, and will listen to their ideas
and feedback and give opinions. Manager or leader will make the decisions but
will use the input from employees to help with their decisions.  


In this type
of management the manager will place trust in employees and allow and encourage
them to make certain decisions. This type of management style is one in which encourages
employees to better themselves and work harder, employees get a lot more
satisfaction from completing tasks if they fell there input is helping in some
way towards the greater cause. This type of management style would be very familiar
to myself as my site supervisor uses this type of management style, he puts
trust in us to get certain jobs done which in turn gives us the confidence to
be competent workers.


Leadership versus


The paradox:

Leadership and
management can be a fairly complex due to the fact that many people fall into
the category of bought. Managers will tend to control aspects of a job such as
the planning, budgeting, organising, controlling, coordinating.

Whereas on
the other hand leaders will focus on the bigger picture and bigger goals. Leaders
will keep the team motivated, try get the best out of each individual and will
be always looking, and inventing new ways off bringing the company to the next
level. Leaders are not just happy with day to day tasks been completed they
want to achieve as much as they can. All good leaders will have qualities such
as great motivational skills, inspirational skills, great vision, always be one
step ahead and thinking of the future. They will coach, counsel, listen, teach
and mentor to make sure all employees strive towards reach common goals.


Project management:

While the title
project management may fall under management, the reality is that there is also
leadership needed if projects are to be successful. In project management managers
will be very rigid and set towards doing tasks in certain ways, getting the job
done in the manner they think is most efficient. Most project managers will
prefer to manage by using check lists and process.

Where a
leader will work directly with the stake holders and outweigh all possibilities
and determine the impact certain decisions might have on a project. Leaders will
communicate with the buisness side and work with them to make the best decisions
for the project. Leaders will collaborate with the team to help achieve goals,
and will make each member fell as if they had a stake in the project, which intern
gives the employee an interest in the overall success of the project.




Leadership versus management



Upon starting
this project I was of the belief that leadership and management where relatively
the same thing, I found it hard to distinguish directly between bought. With all
the information I gathered in undertaking this project I can see that there is
a direct contrast between bought. According to kotterman (2006), a well-balanced
organisation should have a mix of managers and leaders to succeed.

From my own
experience out working in the construction industry managers and supervisors
set up day to day tasks which have been assigned to them from a higher
authority. They keep the day to day ticking over, set deadlines, make plans. While
leaders will be thinking of the bigger picture and thinking ahead, thinking of
the next job and next contract, next set of goals. Leaders will motivate
inspire coach and mentor to get the best possible from each employee.



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