A countries. Indian Cinema has finished 100 years

A profound place like India, where religion a logic
has accomplished their coming full circle point. In which is well known for its
solidarity in combination due to its multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation.
Also, this otherworldly nation faces numerous carnage and fights and Partition
of India is one such savage episode which has occurred ever. The Partition of
India brought about the murdering of thousands of honest individuals, plunder,
burglary, assault of young girls and women, vagrancy of thousands of individuals
and express confusion prompting the division of the nation into two countries.
Indian Cinema has finished 100 years and the silver screen has a great deal of
changes in innovatively from high contrast to shading and soundless film to
exceptional sound impacts. Indian silver screen is continually attempting to
touch the core of the gathering of people with inwardly. Prior Cinema
concentrate on stories like Ramayana, Mahabharat and other traditional shows.
In any case, after some time the pattern changes and the substance turn out to
be more reasonable, social and in view of contemporary issues. And lack of government support and the
partition of India divided the Cinema Industry in two parts. Indian Cinema not
only contribute to the Indian economy but also it is a source of spreading
awareness in between the masses on several social, political and cultural
issues. Indian cinema is also like a teacher who teaches and guides the mind of
the people. Patriotism, Nationalism, Human emotions and relations have also
been promoted by several films. Partition an original event which is the key to
understanding the psychological states of the individual ones who loss their
loved ones. Indian cinema re-examining the event and try to heal the old
wounds. Indian cinema try to showcases the individual, societal pain to the
next generation and explain the plain in such a way that we visualise the
event. It is not end here cinema director focuses on the real ground level pain
of individuals who loss their home, their identity, their living hoods and
relatives. Partition is not a just a single word it is the history of pain
which still in our minds. Indian cinema directors enhance the real pain of
people in their camerawork. Here the author try to explain how Indian Cinema
Directors show cases the event of Partition changes every prospective of life.