A for a longtime and not being able


Imagine a situation in which you are sitting on a
chair for a longtime and not being able to get up even if you wanted to, or
imagine a situation where you can’t even lift a coffee mug within arm’s length
or not being able to walk or run using your own legs, even though this might
seem like a nightmare for many of us, it is the life that millions of people
live worldwide, the condition which is being referred to here is called spinal
injury. Spinal injuries in most cases are caused by road accidents, severe
falls, sports injuries and violence.

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According to a recent WHO report, 250000-500000
cases are recorded every year worldwide, this is just an estimated number; the
actual number may be even higher. In India this number reaches around 1 million

A spinal cord injury usually causes permanent damage
to strength, sensation and function below the site of injury; patients are
usually bed ridden or wheel chair bound.

Previously this type of injury did not have any cure
to speak of, but recently reversing paralysis have been making waves in the

Gregoire Courtine who is a professor of neuroprosthetics
at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne and his team of researchers
have developed a mechanism through which they were able to restore the function
of the hind legs of  mice and  monkeys .In the experiment Gregoire and his
colleagues implanted a recording device beneath the animals skull just touching
the motor cortex of its brain and placed a pad of flexible electrodes  around the injured area of the spinal cord, a
wireless connection joined the two devices  , the result the observed was that the system
detected the animals intention to move 
and transmitted it immediately .

This technology is
still in its nascent stage of developing and the researchers estimates that it would
take at least 10 years more for this technology to be used in the mainstream medical
practice. Still it promises hope for many people worldwide suffering from the
devastating effects of spinal injuries