A. players in the food industry, who have

A.     Main Value Proposition


1.      Captive Market

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To captivate our market in choosing us we are
planning on making a card fit for the café. The customer will be bringing the
card every time he/she comes to the café every 100 peso is one point in which
the customer can collect and he/she can use that to pay for future services and
drinks. The card will not have an expiration date the benefits of those
customers having the card will be Wi-Fi access, free drinks or any service
during birthdays. The card will cost around 50 pesos only.




2.      Affordability

The Milk Man Café will be offering food and
beverages at the same time offering Vape Services. The Food and Beverage will
range around 150 to 250 pesos. The Vape Services would range around 20 to 150
pesos. Vape Juices would range around 250 to 550 depending on the ml and the
brand of the juice. Milk Man Café will also be selling Milk Man Vape Juice.


The Market Analysis

The food retail
industry in the Philippines is an extremely competitive market. Coffee Shops
are one of the active players in the food industry, who have gained prominence
in the past several years. According to Euro monitor, coffee shops in the
Philippines will continue to grow in the coming years. The strong growth of
Coffee Shops in the Philippines is mainly attributed to consumer demand.

Revenue in Coffee
amounts to US$3,199M (PHP 161, 265, 556.76) in 2018. The Market is expected to
grow annually by 10.1% (CAGR 2018-2020). The market’s largest segment would be
“Instant Coffee” with a market value of US$3,059m (PHP 154, 207, 983.16) in
2018. In relation to total population, per person revenues of US$ 30.37
(PHP1,530.95) are generated in 2018

In the Philippines,
multinational chains dominate specialist coffee shops. Led by Starbucks,
specialist coffee shops have been enjoying growth since appearing in the late
1990s. Other popular foreign franchised specialist coffee shops include
Seattle’s Best, Bo’s Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and UCC Coffee.
Figaro Coffee Company, the most popular local specialist coffee shop in the
Philippines, was actually established earlier than Starbucks in the country.

Seven out of ten
Filipino adult smokers believed that vape devices or e cigarettes is a positive
alternative for cigarette. During a poll on July 16 to August 9 there were
among 600 smokers aged around 18 years old. 43% say that the price of vape
devices has kept them from using it more often. 21% say accessibility is their
reason. 20% say the flavor of vape juices or flavors has kept them from using
it frequently.

Some of the
well-known vape shops in Cebu are Drop N’ Puff Vape shop, Fuma, Extreme Vape
Lounge, The Vape Room, and Vape King Plus. The top vape juices or flavors are
Choco Peanut Bar, Creamy Strawberry Cookies, Creamy Custard, Banana Split, Mint
Candy, Strawberry Milkshake,