A this play to both make money and

A Midsummer Nights Dream was written bewteen 1594-1596, but no one knows for sureHe wrote this play to both make money and have some silly fun.He wrote it for his acting companyIt was written around the same time Romeo and Juliet was written and because of that they have similarities.No one knows for sure where he got his inspiration for this, other than it lightly being based on Pyramus and Thysby we dont know where inspiration could have came from, making it seem like a near completely original workIn Athens Greece, Theseus, their Duke is planning a festival for his marriage to Hippolyta. Another few, Egeus with his daughter Hermia enter with her lover Lysander and her suitor Demetrius. Hermia refused to marry Demetrius over Lysander which promts permission to kill Hermia if she refuses.  Thseus agrees with Egeus and states the only way for Hermia to not marry Demetrius is to become a nun. Lysander and Hermia decide to flee to the woods so they can live together peacefully and get a girl named Helena to marry Demetrius, who she is highly in love with.Meanwhile this is happening, a group of workmen decide to put on the play Pyramus and Thisby for Theseus’ wedding. They assign their roles and meet in the woods for rehearsalMeanwhile ALL of this is happening, King Oberon and Queen Titiana, rulers over all the fairies, are fighing because Titiana wants to take care of a stolen boy and Oberon does not want that. While Titiana sleeps, he puts pansy juice in her eyes so she falls in love with the first person she sees when she wakes up. Robin, a fairy, goes to find Demetrius to do The same to him, but in the end accidentally does it to Lysander. Demetrius deserts Helena in the woods, to which she accidentally wakes up Lysander and immedietly he falls in love with her. Oberon sees the mistake and puts the pansy juice into Demetrius’ eyelids instead who does fall in love with Helena.The workmen arrive in the woods for rehearsal. Puck decides to prank an actor named Nick Bottom by making his head the head of a donkey. This frightens everyone into running away and he is left confused and wandering the woods. He comes across Titiana and wakes her up which makes her fall in love with Bottom and takes him to spoil him.Lysander and Demetrius prepare to fight ov