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A change is something we experience in our life. A change is who we want to be and not look at the difference of others but to be known who we are. To begin with, he realize when something does not goes right but he notice things start to get hard for us and he must first “take a look at yourself, and then make a change” (Jackson 4). Jackson maintains the idea of difference that he is going to make up his past and make himself feel better about the change in his life. However, he is reflecting the things he done something bad which he is trying to fix his problem and known to change to return things he lost in his life. Basically, he is a man who knows who he is and realize what he have done that he wants to change the position of his behavior. So that he can make his life better. Furthermore, People notice their life is to far “beyond the sky” among other people. Mainly, someone who was in their hearts before that they have now lost them completely behind (Cooke 2). Cooke illustrates that changes makes a difference a lot when he seems to be guilty and doing something that he was not right what he did in his life. Yet, there is something about him that he can’t even put the words in his thoughts.Eventually, he tries not to make things so complicated that his courage can change they way he acts, thinks, and what he does in his life. But, he was kinda obsessed with his lie before because he didn’t think before he acted out. In conclusion, life is not easy but it could be simple when you have a positive attitude and thoughts about yourself. The difference of life is something we use to refuse by giving up. But,sometimes we take the greatest risk in our life. It will be more confident with we decided to regret towards what we want to be and who we are. We aren’t her to waste our life in things we don’t need to do. It is something we want to accomplish our life with happiness