About expertise lies in, · Understanding the business


Taking the biggest step forward to the foundation
may be easier than taking the hardest step. And in order to do that, one must
have a sound knowledge of the market and its surrounding. That is where you
need us. We believe that for the growth and expansion of any organisation, a
holistic approach to the entire scenario is important. In TBD, we have a team that
is dedicated to providing you with the crucial information using the best
Salesforce tools available in the market.

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That Matter

In TBD family,

We do what we love and love what
we do. At every step of our work, we believe that nothing can be more precious
than honesty and dedication.

From the day of our inception,
we have been true to our work and promise to continue it for all the years to
come; for we know very well our foundation can only lead us to enviable success.

As a team of dedicated members,
TBD promises you
the animation of your dreams. You can put your trust in us, for we have faith
in your dreams.

& Mission

With a faith in our heart and trust in our
abilities, we have started out on a journey to grow larger than life. Now, when
we say grow, we do not only talk about ourselves but also our clients and
partners. We see a day in near future, where we find ourselves listed at the
top among the most trusted companies to work with, across the Globe.

Our mission is to implement and integrate the
latest platforms of Salesforce and use it to its full capability to create
greater business opportunities for you. With a team of dedicated coders and
researchers, we are working round the clock to find unique and most
apprehensible approaches to understand your business requirements and bring in the
most profitable outcomes.

As a

Our expertise lies in,

Understanding the business essentials

Feasibility analysis

Scope of future systems

Setting up Timeline

Research and Implementation

With our knowledge and skill, we assure you

Best output using the updated
Salesforce tools available in the market (Apex, Google API, Lightning and many

Secure approach to integrating
Salesforce with systems like SOAP/REST with

XML/JSON over simple Basic
or “OAuth 2” authentication

Salesforce integration with
widely used platforms, such as Google (Tasks, Calendar, Maps, Places, Charts, GeoCode)
and Amazon Web Services (S3, SES, EC2, Lambda) and so on