Abstract: device receives input signal from Android device.

Abstract: As the rate of advancement of technology
is at tremendous rate and every technical System is almost working with the use
of Remotes. In order to avoid separate remotes for different devices, we are
keen to make a sound operated system which will be able do all the functions
provided by these remotes. It is possible to control the digial televisions,
audio devices, personal computers and even lighting installations by Sound
Operated System.

Today we all are using mobile phones, and in each
mobile device there is one common communication link. It will eliminate the use
of remote.


Keywords: Bluetooth, Sound based, Arduino, Android app.




As the name suggests, the
project mainly focuses on controlling the electrical loads with help of
Bluetooth input. However, it is also beneficial for physically disabled people
as well as to aged people. It makes possible for them to control loads without
physically moving anywhere.

The Bluetooth device
receives input signal from Android device. Microcontroller and the Bluetooth
device are interfaced. Bluetooth receiver takes the commands from the
microcontroller and reacts accordingly. Relay driver IC is used. It regulates
the loads. Relays manage traffic between control unit and electrical load unit.

Thus, system
has many applications for regular homes as well as for industrial setups. The
system consists step down transformer in the power supply setup section. It is
usually of 230/12V which step downs the voltage to 12VAC.For its DC conversion,
A bridge rectifier is employed. Capacitive filter is needed to regulate supply
to +5V which is demanded by microcontroller and operation of other components,
in order to remove ripples. Medium through which devices communicate is called
Bluetooth. We will be using this Bluetooth media to operate all electronic
devices which work via use of Sound operated system.

operation is achieved by any smart-phone or Tablet with Android OS, upon a GUI
(Graphical User Interface) based voice operation. The transmitting end uses an
Android application for the voice commands that are transmitted to digital
bits. At the receiver end, these commands are used for controlling the home
appliances on and off.At the receiving end, the appliances are driven by power
TRIACS through opto isolators that are interfaced to the microcontroller.                                                                               

The project is
centralized on the voice controlled home automation system. It basically
provides the facility to control the home appliances via voice commands given
on Android device. Here. an appliance can be turned on or off through the relay,
which is controlled by an Arduino Mega board. Android app’s modification is
possible to add or modify the functions as well.




In earlier system, the devices were controlled by
manual operation. A person was supposed to go near to the switch or the device
to switch ON or OFF the device. There are couple of protocols present in market
but either these protocols lake compactness, have unfriendly interfaces, not
practical to implement or consist some other bugs. The proposed project
minimizes all the errors seen in previous protocols. It provides simple user
interface. It uses a remote control device called personal universal controller
which provides ability to interfaces to adapt complex appliances. With the help of LIRC 2 7 you can
decode any infrared remote control codes and any Android phone can be converted
into a remote control, so totally removing the need of remote controls. The
only limitation with this approach is that the android phone should have an
infrared port with it. The infrared remote control has the performance of the
high signal to noise ratio, strong anti-interference, reliable transmission of
information, low power and cost, therefore it is widely used in home appliances
more or less.


The elevation in
earlier years in natural philosophy and
communication, computing and knowledge technology domain has
resulted, that we will generate the energy
by exploitation renewable energy sources. For management of home
equipments we will use this energy. However, the
present systems don’t permit a user to
urge a practicableness to actively mitigate the
ability consumption of home equipments. within the earlier
days, the electrical home equipments will be controlled and
monitored with the assistance of homespun power cables
by exploitation power line communication technology.
But, currently days a ZigBee technology is
employed for the electrical home equipments
for dominant and observation for a lot of probable
than before. This paper describes the methodology of renewable
energy based mostly home automation within
which 2 things area unit take into accountone is energy
consumption and another is energy generation. In this, ZigBee is
employed for observation energy consumption of home equipments
and power cable communication (PLC) is
employed to observation energy generation. Then home server
collects the energy consumption information and energy
generation information and analyzes them for energy approximation
and management the house energy utilization schedule to slump
the energy price. Then energy information of home servers
evaluates them, and generates helpful applied
math examination info mass by the remote energy management
server. The system provides a lot of economical energy
saving and lead to  home energy price reduction. 16 

The high energy required by home appliances (like
white merchandise, audio/video devices and communication equipments) and
aircon systems (heating and cooling), makes our homes one of the
foremost essential areas for the impact of energy consumption on natural
surroundings. AIM for the design of a system which
can minimize energy waste in home
environments efficiently managing devices operation modes. In
our style we have a tendency to tend to use a
wireless device network to watch physical parameters (like
light-weight and temperature) in addition as a result of the
presence of users reception and in each of its rooms. so as  to
optimize energy consumption and pricewhereas guaranteeing the
desired comfort level. once users amendment their
habits as a results of unpredictable events, the system is in a
position to note wrong predictions analyzing in real
time data from sensors and to changesystem behaviour
consequently. Parameters that may stop the introduction of home
automation systems for energy saving into the mass market. 17





This section presents the steps involved in the implementation of this
project. Initially, a block diagram was finalized on what components will be
used for this idea. Later, a software platform and flow of software was decided
and worked on. These are described as following.


3.1  Block Diagram



The first step
for this project is getting the project title and objectives. Discussion with
the supervisor was made to find the most suitable title for this project. The
selection of suitable project title is necessary because the project title will
give the first impression on the project to be developing as a whole.


After the
suitable project title was chosen, the next step is conducting literature
review before writing the project proposal. All the information needed to
complete this project is gathered and studied by reviewing journals, articles,
books and previous research that related to this project.


In this project, a simple Voice
Activated Home Automation system is designed. Voice commands are used to
control different appliances. Let’s move on to working of the project. All the
connections are implemented from the circuit diagram above.                                              After making the
necessary connections, we have to switch on the power supply to the circuit.
Now, first of all, we need to install above mentioned android app in the smart-phone.
The home screen of the app is as shown. After that, android device’s Bluetooth
is paired with the HC-05 Bluetooth Module.                                            

Now Bluetooth module is needed to
connect with phone. To connect it, select the mode “Connect Robot”
and choose the needed Bluetooth Device.                           Once successful
connection is made, device can transmit data. For giving commands, touch the
press button with microphone icon on the app interface.                            The reason for
padding the ‘*’ and ‘#’ at the begging and end of the string is to identify the
starting and ending of the message.                                                                     

We are able to delete the ‘#’ from
the string but left out the ‘*’ in order to identify the starting of the string.
Strings are predefined. It is for identifying and act to the received message.
It makes corresponding action according to match such as turning on or turning
off the load.           
We have used the following commands: “turn on AC”, “turn off AC”, “turn
on light”, “turn off light”, “turn on TV”, “turn off TV”, “turn on fan”, “turn
off fan”, “turn on all” and “turn off all”.

The project
proposal was later ready before beginning the
project. each hardware and computer code analysis is
completed to enhance the understanding so as to
complete the project expeditiously. The functions of every part,
tools and instruments required to be employed in this project are studied to
cut back the time required for
the planning method. computer
code analysis are done to
increase the understanding and
avoid several mistakes throughout the
programming method. The implementation of hardware and computer
code are done on an individual basis. in any case of
the parts required
for this project is purchased, the project development can preceded
by putting in the hardware in step with the
designed system. Then, the computer code are programmed to
supply the Graphical computer program (GUI) for this
project. once each hardware and computer
code implementation is completed, succeeding step
is to try and dosystem integration between
the hardware and therefore the computer code. The
system are tested and if there’s any error,
troubleshoot methodare done to find the explanation for the



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And what is a lot of, our blocks-based tool facilitates the creation
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The university App discoverer project seeks to
democratize software system development by empowering
all individuals, particularly tykes, to maneuver from
technology consumption to technology creation.

Fig. 3.2  MIT App


The Arduino IDE
(Integrated Development Environment) software was downloaded and installed on
the hardware (laptop) 4. Arduino IDE provides a perfect platform to write and
burn the program onto the Arduino board. It consists of libraries and source
codes with it.


 Software Block Diagram




In today’s world, most
of us use different devices like TV, Home Theatre, Projectors, DTH boxes, just
to name a few.

These devices are
controlled wirelessly using different remote controls, which are designed
specifically for respective devices.

Nowadays, we see that
people have to manage 3-4 separate remotes to control different electronic
devices. But, if you like to keep up with the latest advancements of
technology, chances are you don’t need any remote at all, just need your voice
command to control the electronic devices.

We can modify
this project for the betterment of the product and to increase its usability
and efficiency. We add voice control to control the application and also use it
as authentication for access of the application. We can further reduce the
overall area used by the hardware by making it more compact using latest design
technologies. Further, we can also operate the application with gesture
controls using the motion sensor in the smart-phone.



The objective of this project is to develop a
functional Sound operated system software or program that will make it possible
for all people to control any brand of their TV, DVD player, Satellite receiver
and other remote control based electrical appliances from their personal
computer or notebook.


Create a product which can operate on
all Voice based device

Reduce the Power consumption


Eliminate use of remotes for every device.


Pencil cell use will be completely



Bluetooth Devices have a range of upto 100


Central device is our regular use smart



The proposed system has better efficiency of
operation as compare to conventional electrical switches.


The loss of power can be reduced and manpower
required for home automation is very less compared to conventional methods.



The IR, RF, android application, Arduino,
Bluetooth, DTMF, etc., based home automation systems can be more efficient,
provides ease of operation.


It provides ease of operation and avoids
direct physical contact. Hence, protection from electrical power short

Easily accessible.    


Useful For Physically Disable People.

Applications :
Can be used in Home Automation to control various appliances using your smart-phone.



Smart-phones and tablets such as Nokia’s Maemo (N900), Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system can also be
used as Voice Controlled System. A number of devices from vendors such as Samsung, LG and Nokia include a built-in IR port that can be used as a controller,
while others require a physical attachment, or ‘dongle’, be connected on to the
phone when used as a controller. The dongle is required to convert the
electrical control signals from the phone into infra red signals that are
required by most home audio visual components for remote control. However it
can be implemented through system which doesn’t necessarily require dongle.
Such systems use a ‘gateway’. Gateway gets the incoming electrical signal via
smart-phone. Received signals are in the form of Bluetooth or WIFI and forward
them on in infra red form to the components to be controlled.



Our proposed system is a Voice Controlled System will operate via use of
Bluetooth mobile application basically, t h e Graphical U s e r Interface (GUI)
for the Voice Controlled System program

is going to be develop by using android studio. The circuits were
constructed from two modules, one to capture the signal and provide timing
functions, and the second as transmitter placed somewhere near the target
equipment. The hardware was interfaced to mobile Bluetooth application on the
communication port .The system is functional with almost every standard
Television, DVD player, A.C. & Satellite Receiver. It operates over range
of 15 ft, provides better control & more reliable.






The main purpose of making this project is to develop such a system that
will eliminate the use remotes of all the devices. In designing this project we
learn various aspects involved in Arduino and Java programming and about the
entire system. It also involved analysis and study of IR sensors and how to
maintain a protocol in order to control devices.

Thus, in this work we proposed to design a project named Voice
Controlled System which will help a student understand the output of a device which
he can use in practical applications.




Here we’d wish to conclude
that the Bluetooth an honest method for wireless communication. even supposing
having a number of drawbacks however it works fairly for applications having a
mere vary. The automaton application provides higher possibility and it’s
additional convenient than the particular remote of any appliance. The apps
development does not need high level information of artificial language and
it’s gratuitous. As automaton devices area unit very fashionable during this
age of your time, it’s edge over previous technology and additional
applications are obtainable in close to future. It provides for additional
development of applications supported automaton software system. it’ll produce
additional area for similar ideas like Remote Starters For automobile,
Automation Of tasks etc.

The planned project
undertakes a viable answer the requirement of automation at the terribly basic
level, that is, in our homes. The project can alter U.S.A. to bring each
appliance at each corner of our home below our management from one purpose
while not having to urge up and manually put on or off the appliance. the
utilization of a Bluetooth module assists the utilization of this technique
from numerous locations in our house.

The system is any
simplified by permitting appliances to be controlled by our voice. The user
needn’t need to need to vast information over the language of English. simply
by locution the appliance name and also the corresponding variety assigned to
it specific appliance, and telling it to modify on or off can alter the user to
own complete management over any appliance with none effort.

Android applications area
unit terribly easy and user friendly permitting the user to know its functionalities
in little or no time. Hence, the utilization of automaton application during
this system permits a user to simply learn the method and find aware of the
functions. Moreover, the complete system is incredibly versatile and scalable .
Any variety of appliances are often other as and once needed. Hence, the
systems finds use not solely in homes however additionally in several offices
wherever appliances like fans or lights on multiple floors are often controlled
by an individual on any of the floors, saving manual labor and human effort to
modify on or off the electronic appliances, thereby saving time.

This system, tho’ primarily
aimed to scale back human effort, are of abundant importance to previous aged
individuals and physically disabled individuals. it’ll alter them to regulate
their home devices with ease, while not inquiring abundant pressure or stress
of moving regarding.

Due to the cheap materials
utilized in the development and any value optimisation if the device is taken
to the market, it finds application in an exceedingly wide space. measurability
of the project would be significantly easier because the device are often
utilized in each building mistreatment electrical appliances and devices.

In addition, there are
several advertisements broadcasted by the govt. of Asian country promoting
awareness to modify off unit appliances once not in use and therefore save
electricity. Hence, such a project would assist the initiatives taken by the
govt., as the majority forget to modify off home appliances and area unit too
lazy to come back and switch it off.




been possible only because of kind co-operation lent by my Professor and Project
Guide Mrs. Sonal Barvey.

At last, I would like
to thank Dr. B.K. Mishra (Principal), Dr. Sandhya Save (Electronics department,
HOD) for their guidance and support