Abstract: office 365 and google Driver. The quick


The term cloud service composition is usually considered economically
driven. Most of the specialist in cloud computing believe that cloud service
composition is from a perspective of user. Precisely, the discussion and
research is proving the facts. The cloud service composition difficulty is
represented as an Influence Diagram problem. The growing use of tendency of
network service in cloud computing lead web service owner to apply service that
is differential in term of functionality and non-functionality quality of
service (QOS) feature and loading all the service in service pool. Furthermore,
choosing appropriate service in the pool service , conquer composition
boundaries, deciding the substance of diverse quality of service parameters,
edge on the dynamic description of the complexity, and deal with quick changes
in the assets of the services and network come into view to be among the most
important subject that must be examined and addressed.

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In past teen years, the need for high quality software and hardware
resources and services, and also the problem with affording to the client as
they are expensive and the problem of security that will arise with having
sensitive information .Nevertheless, those problem lead the company owners and
stakeholder specially of information technology department to take cloud
computing services as their rescuer (saver) . The discovery of a massive cloud
has lead to a dramatic reduction in apprehension to ward such an approach
.Cloud computing is representation of a network that let you access network and
request configurable recourses and share them ,for example network and services
in another word .Furthermore, cloud computing represent a model for network
access that does not require the same level of maintenance as a standard
organization network would .Cloud service used in almost every discipline in
our life that we don’t even relies them ,for example iCloud, office 365 and
google Driver. The quick expending of cloud computing failed with respect of IT,
it is safe to say that cloud computing effect how network works today. In
addition to that it has also affected discipline such as business,
organization, and government.

 Survey goal and research questions:

The aim of this research is investigating and exploring studies that
have been done for cloud computing service composition. Precisely, we will talk
about the feature and methods of Cloud Computing Service Composition (CCSC).


network access :

Second type of Cloud Computing Characteristic is Broad network access
.This type containing all the resources and services which located in different
cloud provider location in the cloud. All cloud providers have resources and
services that are located in different area, and can be available from an
extensive range of location and can be provisioned. Broad network access also
known as “easy to access” ,include all the resources and services that are
located in private cloud network(for example operate within a company ready to
use from a wide range of devices. Such as device like tablet, computer program,
and last but not least is smart phone.


self service:

Is one of the cloud computing characteristics that user(client) can
request and pay in (pay and go) manner or method without having any interaction
with the human by using online control panel as external services.
Nevertheless, cloud computing let client and end-user to provision storage
–network and have access and availability in a very simple and fixable way. At
first client will begin by using limited resources and then they increase
throughout time.


Re-sources pooling:

Re-sources pooling in cloud
computing is providing and offering a collection of resources and services to
multiple client and use with provisional and scalable services.


elasticity :

Rapid elasticity also known as rapid scalability is one of the cloud
computing characteristic that provides resources and services whenever needed.
Elasticity means the ability to scale up (or scale dawn) resources whenever


Measured services:

aspect that cloud computing have should be controlled and automated, monitored,
optimized and reported. At server level agreement for both vendor (cloud
provider) and consumer (client) .


 Multi-tenacity :

,is one of the cloud computing character that has been suggested by cloud
security alliance .The term Multi-tenacity refer to as software architecture in
which a single instance of software run on a server and serve as Multitenant.
It is essential to have model for policy driven enformsment, segmentation,
isolation, governance, services.


 Audit ability and creditability :

it is important for cloud computing services to prepare logs and trails
to make it possible to evaluate the degree in which regulation and policies are
observed .


computing deployment models:

Cloud computing have many modelled that can be deployed from, such as
(public cloud,private cloud,hybird cloud,comunity cloud).Public cloud: with
this advance major model of cloud computing, the cloud owner present public
services in the enormous mainstream of cases on the Internet foundation on
predefined pricing model rules, policies. However, holding a massive number of
extensive resources will enable cloud owner to provide a client with verity of
choices in order to choose a suitable resources with respect to quality of
services.Second model of cloud computing is private cloud ,which is designed
and created to prepare mainly for the advantage of a public cloud that
completely put in order manner or establishment. However, setting up such a
system since of the operation of corporate and business firewalls will lead to
decreased security anxiety. Since the organization that trappings a private
cloud is in charge for all of the relationships of the system, facing profuse
costs is a weakness and vulnerable spot of launching a private Cloud.Third type
of cloud computing model is community cloud .Big companies can share cloud
because of their related desires and desire, fear, and regulation. Because of
that a number of institutes begin by creating a community which can share cloud
computing resources and services to be used by their community member’s
consumers. A third-party service provider or a series of community members can
be responsible for providing the required infrastructure of the cloud
computing.Last but not least is the Hybrid cloud which the mixture of both
public and private cloud or even community cloud which led to the creating one
of the cloud computing model called hybrid.Moreover, constitutive
communications not only keep their specific properties but also require
standardized or agreed functionalities to enable them to communicate with each
other with respect to interoperability and portability on applications and


computing service composition:

In now
adays,services of cloud computing can be requested and provided in many form
,for example public/utlility computing msp,xaas and others.However ,services
such as hardware take services to setup scalable virtual machine.Morever,cloud
provider with such services and utlilty dont have standred unifi and most of
the venders provide their own application program interface ,virtualzation
larger ,developing tools,govermance characheres and so on.Becouse of that
,client simply cannot trust and esaily request/extract data and progarm from
their cloud which might be premented by orginzation to adopt cloud computing.In
addition to that,this situation will inhabit and delay the progress and
developing of cloud computing and intersection of cloud computing application.

reason of the cloud service composition problem(CCSC) is the effection that
cloud computing service will have ,which are limilted to data-centered cloud
storgy and cloud search.Nevertheless,these type of services are simple and
their requirement for umfied management and crossing cloud interaction are not
urgent.However,in the near future the request that require for utilizing the
data such as processing data,analyzing the data,data mining and so ,will be
more and more and with the time it will grow higher.One single cloud computer
can not handle and satify service composition will become more important and



essential of cloud computing service composition is to have a service
description with unified standred to intoduce its fundational and interface.For
example ,many manufacture have proveded cloud computing service with web
service description language(WSDZ) such as EC2,S3 of amazon ,Google search
etc.However ,its better for cloud computing service to have web serivce
description language(WSDL) along with quailty of service(QOS) and service price
and it will play more important roles in services search and service
composition for cloud computing services.These attempts most of the time focuse
on only a single service.At recent time the application of web service are
becoming more and more widerspread and usable by the client, but usually there
is no single service that can satify all the request.Thus ,the research about
service composition begin to emarge.

The rapid
change and development in cloud computing service utilization lead to spread and
publish cloud service more on the whole worldwide service pool. And that’s
because of the attendance of composite and different services, one simple
single service unable to satisfy already made functional requirements in many
real-world situation and cases . to solve a difficult service ,it is important
to complete and have a batch of atomic service that can work with each other.
Because of that, cloud service composition is created and has so many requests.

importance of selecting the optimal simple services that can be combined
together and create a complex composite service is one of the important step in
cloud service composition. The cloud service composition issues in cloud
computing can be known as determining

appropriate and simple services should be choose from such that the obtained

composite service satisfies both the functional and quality of service
requirements based on the client requirements.


availability of service and increasing with time ,has also effect of growing
and increasing in similar function services in diverse servers. The services
and similarity among them are located in verity of location with distinct value
with respect of the quality of service parameters. For this reason, Service
Composition be relevant proper method to choose an minuscule service amongst

comparable services that are situated on separate servers to consent to

maximum QoS to be accomplish according to the end-user

desires and priorities.



 Cloud computing service composition

natural dynamic of cloud computing environment consist of special and specific
planning and the tendency of change that happen with time .However, these
tendency and changes show cloud computing in different prospective and challenges
that will face cloud service composition. The challenges are as the following

contracting service providers. The penalty and regulation of

almost all service providers is specifying by service fees based on

and demand . Thus, mechanisms for updating the table

available resource characteristics must be predicted .


2. Addressing
incomplete cloud resources. Choosing the best service in broker side with the
respect of the availability of completeness and upgrading the information on
the service side .However, forcing changes in the service characteristic will
result in the loss of information that contain in the cloud .


3. The
misunderstanding and lack of compromise on the exact definition of quality of
service (QOS) elements in cloud service vendors is still an challenging for
cloud developers .The nonexistence of agreed-upon ways to quantify network
Quality of services is also another issue which is not fully resolved and that




Let us
consider a simple example, where University A contains only one college and the
college contains only one department. Suppose the university outsources three
main tasks to the clouds during 2012 and 2015. The proposed composition
framework would generate a composite tenure application for University A.
Specifically, the tenure application has three abstract SaaS. Tenure
application will first search and find the publication and citation records of
a candidate . It will then find the the publication and citation records of the
comparable professors . Finally, the tenure application will generate the
evaluation report . Besides these abstract SaaS, the composite tenure
application also needs CPU, network and storage resources from IaaS providers.
CPU services are used to do computations on data. Storage services are used to
keep intermediate data. The whole tenure application should be as fair as and
as transparent as possible.









pertinent achievements and findings with a comprehensive

generally increases the research efforts and papers

in that particular scientific
field. Recommending a novel method and move towards for dealing with cloud
computing service composition from diverse facet adding also to addressing the
need of analogous activities were the muscular appealing issue for preparing
this methodical literature review.In conclusion,This paper has offer a entire
description of the Cloud Computing Service Composition in arrangement with its
connected perception and a inclusive analysis of the different applied
Algorithms, mechanisms, frameworks and techniques extracted from 34 authentic
published papers, spanning 2009–2013. The achievements of this review shed
light on the research grounds of CCSC for future studies.