According afford to live in luxury. New aspects

to the Khan Academy website the 1920s was the year of consumption, prosperity
and the creation of new technology. The assembly line caused an economic growth
to sweep through the homes of many Americans. It is the process of assembling a
product through series of workers to create identical items. As manufacturing rose,
people and other industries made more money than before. With the introduction
of credit being used and new technology being created, it began a consumerist
society and people were able to afford to live in luxury. New aspects of
culture were being established as people found better ways to improve their
lifestyle and enjoy life. America has been shaped from many of the things that
happened in the 1920s; these two decades relate to each other by the technology
that were used, the desire to consume, and the growth of advertisement.

Technology is one of the greatest
advancement that has influences both the 1920s and modern time. There was the creation of house
hold appliance such as radios, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and
refrigerators. Cars were
not the only advancements of transportation; airplane travel was also being in use.

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According to the Khan Academy website “In 1934, the number of US domestic air
passengers was just over 450,000 annually. By the end of the decade, that
number had increased to nearly two million.” Today airplane travel is still as
popular as it was during those times. All of these technologies that were
produced during the 1920s are now a big deal and a part of everyday life because
it dramatically improves the lifestyles of many people.

During the 1920s, Henry Ford created what’s
called the “assembly line” that mass produced cars. Mass production enabled the consumer lifestyle and that is still a part
of current society. The assembly line was a huge change for this era
because it reduces labor costs and allowed an increase of income. The creation
of the assembly line has made a huge impact in modern times as it is still
being currently used today. We use the assembly line to produce almost
everything but it is more machine based now. With the reliance on credit and
the increase of income, due to the assembly line, people during the 1920s
sought to buy new house hold appliances and cars. Similarly, to modern time we
still use credits for our consuming craze. The production of cars benefitted the economy and allowed
other industries to grow. As more people are buying cars, roads are being build,
which leads to the growth of shopping centers and restaurants that we have
today. The 1920s was the start of major consumption which
relates to today because it continued on to modern time and everyone around the
world are still consuming more by the day.

is one of the main issues of today, but started to become known thing during
the 1920s. Advertising products
became popular with as many new cars, products and machines became available to
the majority public. As Khan Academy stated, “Advertising became a central
institution in this new consumer economy.”

In conclusion, although the 1920s is a completely
different era from modern times, the products and ideas that were produced
during that era has made a huge impact on today. 1920s created cars and
introduced domestic airplane travel that we still use today. That decade
created new house hold appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators
that we still today and improved. The assembly line and advertising is still impacting
our consumerist economy. The roaring twenties is relevant to today and influenced
America because of the growth of advertisements, the growth of consumption, and
the growth of new technology.