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According to Sterger, globalism is the underpinning ideology that shapes economic globalization (Sterger, 2007). Globalism is known to be the major driving force of economic globalization, despite there being other ideologies influencing economic globalization since globalization started. Globalism started becoming more prominent in the late twentieth century. It emerged as a dominant set of associated ideologies. As these ideologies settled, and as various processes of globalization intensified, globalism contributed to the consolidation of a connecting global imaginary. Absorbing miscellaneous ideational elements of established ideologies and restructuring them around its core concepts of ‘market’ and ‘globalization’, globalism manages to maintain an unequal power structure in society that benefits a loose, heterogeneous and often disagreeing global alliance of social forces (globalists). Economic globalization is about the triumph of markets over governments. Both proponents and opponents of globalization agree that the driving force today is markets, which are suborning the role of government.  And thus we also start to see how commercial interests came to dominate society by means of market logic that effectively disconnected people’s economic activities from their social relations.Market globalism includes the ideology of neoliberalism as well. Some argue that the driving idea behind economic globalization is free-market capitalism. It means having an economy that is efficient. For an economy to be efficient, it needs to be a free economy, open to other markets and agents. It is also necessary that market forces rule society. Therefore, with neoliberalism comprising of economic liberalization, free trade, privatization etc, it drives economic globalization because it opens up markets and intensifies the interconnections between markets across national borders. Thus, economic globalization means the spread of free-market capitalism to virtually every country in the world.