According like food, clothing and shelter (Fisher and

According to Draft (2006) defines communication as “the process by which information is exchanged and understood by two or more people usually with the intention to motivate on influence behavior”. To step into relationships, to establish communities to survive people must communicate. Genuine communication is therefore a basic human need like food, clothing and shelter (Fisher and harms, 1983).


In the ear of globalization with the increasing mobility of engineering professionals around the world has placed a tremendous impact on the employers demands seeking to be employed in the future workplace then in 21st century soft communication skills were important for any employee to work in a cooperate workplace. These skills can be presentation skills, interpersonal/people skills, communication skills, creativity, problem solving, teamwork or individual work (Ziegler 2007) These skills are very basic and should be need in the organization in Careem these skills are present but there is gap between departments every department work according to their criteria where there are not interlinked with any other department.

According to Levitt (2001), importance of communication in an organizations is a key which makes company runs smoothly. Where in Careem there are a lot of communication gap as I mentioned in problem there is no proper internal communication channel through which everyone can get updated that what’s going in the organization. Reading another article’s written by (Blalock 2005,Alyssa 2006, Rotler 2006) he says that communication is needed for exchanging information, exchanging opinions, making plans and proposals, reaching agreements, executing decision, sending and fulfilling needs of clients and customers. But in Careem every dependent is independent and only interlinked with their department team across Pakistan. All departments are same like this. Suppose take an example of business development department this departments plays a vital role in making company grow through various means like partnerships, generating supply and demand where this departments work as alone and only connected with all BD team pan Pakistan.  Drucker (1985) underlines that importance of communication in organization without effective communication can’t get success.

The introduction of technology in workplace communication which changes levels of penetrations in the globalized markets which creates an essence of effective collaborations. According to Whittaker and Bradner (2000) he introduced two terms one was “interaction” which means “exchanging information” and “Outeraction” which means “stay connected” both of these are very important essential element for an organization to run. Where peoples in Careem which belongs to different departments are not directly connected with each other due their own work load. In other research by Kurokawa (2007) he basically explained the cross cultural communication and how organization-to-organization share information in a mutually understandable way. Where in Careem Pakistan there are many ways through which they communicate but the problem they have is internal communication gap which lacks communication in organization which puts bad image in other organizations eye. There are a lot of theories, models and approaches which are consider measuring the phenomena of an employee or an organization internal communication. Power distance refers to the extent of inequality among the employees in different position of authority.(Hofstede,2001) .In Careem power distance is very high.




Company Analysis


All human interactions are forms of communication. In this business world, nothing can be achieved without effectively communicating with employers, employees, client’s suppliers, and customers. If you look at the most successful business people in the world you will see people who have mastered the art of communication.

Basically communications matters in all departments weather that it is within the organization of outside the organization it can be formal informal but it matters a lot. But in Careem Pakistan there is a lot of communication gap which lacks a lot in delays of work and doing partnership. Basically culture of Careem is startup so every employee is working in very easy mood. Company have to do something to make all departments interlinked with each other.


Mostly departments don’t exist in Lahore office like HR, accounts & finance, marketing basically all these department are Karachi based marketing have 2 peoples in Lahore but they also have to each and every approval from Karachi office so due to this it takes a lot of time. They don’t have any formal structure of the organization. Even no heriachary. They don’t have enough workforce in Lahore all main departments teams sits in Karachi or Dubia and control Pakistan. Some departments are much focused to hire only LUMS and IBA graduates and don’t focus on other university. Where this loses confidence of other university student’s to achieve their goal. I also observed that in office all work with very cool mind no one has stress. Many times I looked that Careem is facing huge demand but they don’t have enough supply to feed that demand. They don’t have any structure or chain of command. Sometimes they also faces lack of communication between customers as well. They can become very strong but for that they have to do minor changes in their organization.


Careem is having higher satisfaction rate in Pakistan it is the big company having proper trained captains which try to satisfy the customer as much as they can.




Careem all system is been run through the base camp which is suited in Dubia. Careem has their own marketing agency which do every type of marketing for them. Where every information which has to be executed like giving a promo or putting a Facebook post everything is done through Dubia basecamp. Careem started working in Pakistan in 2016 but still they have only one big cooperate office in Pakistan where all heads and MD sit which it is suited in Karachi and whole Pakistan is looked by that one office.








Conclusion and Recommendations




In this age of competition every organization wants to be the leading one in industry. But for a successful organization everything in the organization should be perfect to conclude my