According the students must possess problem-solving skills ,

According to a study,
only 25-30% of the graduates passing out of the colleges are job ready , i.e.,
they are possessing the right kind of the skill set for a particular job. The reasons
for the same can be numerous, may be because of changing skill set required to
perform a job or the industry is expecting something different from what they
are learning in the educational institutions. So, it is the responsibility of
both the educational institutions and the industries to bridge the gap between
what is demanded by the industry and what the institutions are supplying and
proper strategies need to be formulated to inculcate the right kind of skill

In order to be job ready
the students must possess problem-solving skills , should have a very clear
understanding of the job role and the responsibility attached with it, should
be adaptable and innovative, must possess good communication and leadership skills,
should be able to utilise social media as a productive and effective tool, is
able to manage things, can work in a team and has a unified approach towards
performing a particular task.

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In order to acquire the
above required skill set , an under graduate can go for doing an internship in
a reputed company, or be a part of any society in his/her respective college ,
or can learn a foreign language, or can acquire a certificate in English proficiency,
or can learn a computer language like JAVA or python, or can attend various seminars
and soft skill session, or can participate in various competitions, or can go
for gaining proficiency in MS office. All these activities will add to your
respective CVs  and  definitely will be an add on while appearing
for an interview. To boost motivation among the students skill-enhancement
programmes must be conducted by the institutions.

Before applying for a
job, there are various factors which must be considered. One, the candidate
must be well-versed with the company’s website and what the company exactly do.
Second, the candidate must alter his/her resume according to the skill set that
is required by the employer and for that the candidate must know the
expectations of the employer. Third, the candidate must have a good resume. Fourth,
the candidate must review the questions frequently asked in an interview and
can also perform a mock interview.

So, before entering the
corporate world the under-graduates need to pull their socks up and must
enhance their  skill set.